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ECE 180 Spring 2016: Entrepreneurship

Students interested in enrolling in ECE 180 Entrepreneurship during spring quarter 2016 must submit an application.
Please click the link below for more details.



Effective Spring quarter 2016, ECE 180: Entrepreneurship can only count ONCE toward major requirements. The course will ONLY count towards your professional electives. However, you are more than welcome to take it multiple times. If you take CSE 190 with Professor Kumar, you are not allowed to take ECE 180 with Professor Kumar and vice versa.


Power Engineering courses

The ECE Department plans to offer 5 courses in Power Engineering in 2015-2016. Please click here for more information.


ECE Capped Major Status


Admission to all four ECE majors will be limited, as the majors are currently considered capped. Continuing students must complete a set of screening courses to be considered for admission into an engineering major. Please see this link for more information.


ECE 108 Major Requirement

Effective fall 2014, continuing students who have not completed ECE 108, must replace the course with an upper division Technical Elective. Students must also let the ECE Undergraduate Advisors know which course they plan to use in order to update their degree audits manually.


Important information regarding ECE course offerings:

ECE 25 & 35

ECE 25 and 35 lab schedules are generally available during second pass. Students cannot enroll until the lab schedule is available and cannot waitlist until second pass.

ECE 102

has a new prerequisite which is ECE 100 (effective FA14). Students can enroll in ECE 100 and 102 concurrently. Students must contact the UG Advisors to get pre-authorization to enroll in ECE 102 if students plan to take the two courses at the same time.

ECE 103

effective WI15, ECE 65 will be added to the prerequisites.

ECE 108

offered for the last time in spring 2014.

ECE 118

not offered during the 2015-2016 academic year.

ECE 191

Students need clearance from the ECE Dept. to enroll in ECE 191. Please contact us through the Virtual Advising Center: