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ECE Major Impacted Status


Freshman admission to all four ECE majors will be limited, as the majors are currently considered impacted. Freshmen who were admitted to an undeclared major and decide to attend UC San Diego, must complete a set of screening courses to be considered for admission into an engineering major. Generally, students must wait 3 quarters or one academic year before they can apply. Please see this link for more information.


ECE 108 Major Requirement

Effective fall 2014, continuing students who have not completed ECE 108, must replace the course with an upper division ECE or CSE course that does not satisfy any other requirement. Students must also let the ECE Undergraduate Advisors know which course they plan to use in order to update their degree audits manually.

ECE 165 and ECE 111 Prerequisite Information

The ECE Department will pre-authorize students who wish to enroll in ECE 165 if they have ECE 102. For students who wish to enroll in ECE 111, you must have ECE 25 or CSE 140 to get pre-authorization to enroll. Requests for pre-authorization must be sent to the Virtual Advising Center: