2018-19 Qualcomm FMA Fellowships winners: ECE awarded 3 out of 4

The 2018-19 winners from ECE are:  


Faculty Advisor: Ian Galton
Student Fellow: Amr Eissa
Qualcomm Mentor: Yiwu Tang
Project Title: Dual Reference Edge FDC-PLL for Ultra-Low Phase Noise RF LO Synthesis


Faculty Advisor: Duygu Kuzum
Student Fellow: Yuhan Shi
Qualcomm Mentor: Hochul Lee
Project Title: On-device Training and Computing with STT-MRAM


Faculty Advisor: Piya Pal
Student Fellow: Heng Qiao
Qualcomm Mentor: Teja Sukhavasi
Project Title: Smart Sensors for Enhanced Radar Imaging and Localization