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Computer Engineering

Curriculum Advisor

Prof. Andrew Kahng 
Computer Science, 2134
(858) 822-4884


PLEASE NOTE: Computer Engineering is impacted.
This major can only be selected at the time of application/admission to UCSD.
Changing/transfering into this major will not be allowed.

Computer engineering at UCSD consists of balanced programs of studies in both hardware and software, the premise being that knowledge and skill in both areas are essential both for the modern-day computer engineer to make the proper unbiased trade-offs in design, and for researchers to consider all paths towards the solution of research questions and problems. Toward these ends, the programs emphasize studies (course-work) and competency (comprehensive examinations, and dissertations or projects) in the areas of VLSI and logic design, and reliable computer and communication systems. Specific research areas include:

  • Computer systems
  • Signal processing systems
  • Multiprocessing and parallel and distributed computing
  • Computer communications and networks
  • Computer architecture
  • Computer-aided design
  • Fault-tolerance and reliability
  • Neuro-computing

Degree Requirements