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Computer Engineering Impacted Major Information

What does Impacted Major status mean?

  • Impacted Major status means that there will be a cap on the number of students who can declare the major.


When does Impacted Major status take effect? What is the time line for implementation?

  • Overall:  The campus must notify applicants and students in advance when access to a major is restricted.  Special provisions have been made for students already engaged in college-level coursework intended for the major.
  • New freshmen:  As all applicants were informed, as of Fall 2013 admissions into the Computer Engineering major was limited.  Students were selected for admission by the UC San Diego Office of Undergraduate Admissions based on the student's holistic review scores, availability of slots in the major, and the projected acceptance rate.    
  • Transfer students from other institutions: Admissions directly into the Computer Engineering major at the ECE Department remains open for the 2013 and 2014 entering classes.  As of Fall 2015 admissions, new transfer students will be admitted into one of ECE's Impacted Majors by the UC San Diego Office of Undergraduate Admissions based on the student's holistic review scores and availability of slots in the major.
  • UCSD students admitted prior to Fall 2013: Continuing UCSD students who were admitted prior to fall 2013 will be able to change into the Computer Engineering major through summer 2015.  As of fall 2015, they will have to apply to change into an Impacted Major.

How many students will be accepted into the Impacted Majors?

  • At the start of the UC Admissions cycle each year, the campus will determine the target number of new majors to be drawn from freshmen admissions, transfer admissions, and continuing students who wish to change into one of the Impacted Majors.    

I am an incoming Fall 2013 freshman who was admitted as an Undeclared or another major.  Can I apply to change into Computer Engineering at ECE?  What are my chances of my application being approved?

  • Yes, you may apply to change majors once you have met the eligibility criteria (see below).
  • The odds of getting into the Computer Engineering Major at the ECE Department depends on the number of spots, the number of applicants, and your ranking in comparison to other applicants.  


What are the eligibility requirements?

Completion of the following courses: CSE 8AB/11, CSE 12, MATH 20C, PHYS2B, ECE 35, 45, 65 with at least a 3.0 GPA.


What is the application process?

  • Details of the full application process will be announced on this website soon.
  • Students may apply in any quarter after they have completed the above eligibility requirements. They will be ranked according to grades received in the UC San Diego courses from the above list. All courses will be weighted equally.
  • Applicants will be chosen from this ranking until all open slots in the major are filled.


If I hope to change into an Impacted Major in a future quarter, what courses should I take in the meantime?

  • Enroll in the courses that are required to meet eligibility requirements for the major.  These will be courses that also fulfill requirements for the major, which means you will be making progress toward the degree by taking them.  In addition, please talk with your undergraduate college adviser to determine which General Education courses to take.