California Residency and the Nonresident Supplemental Tuition Fee

Each new UCSD student is required to submit a Statement of Legal Residence to the Office of the Registrar.

All students who are not legal residents of California are charged a Nonresident Supplemental tuition fee each quarter, as well as tuition and fees. Students classified as residents of California are exempt from paying Nonresident Supplemental tuition, however they are still responsible for payment of tuition and fees.

UCSD publishes estimated tuition and fee costs each academic year.

California residence requirements, determination of residence for tuition purposes, and recognized exceptions are explained in detail on TritonLink.

Additional information may be obtained from the Campus Residence Deputy in the Office of the Registrar. No other university personnel are authorized to supply information relative to residence requirements for tuition purposes.

Establishing Residency

If you are currently a nonresident student, you can find out how to change your nonresident status to resident status for tuition purposes via TritonLink.

Students seeking to establish California residency for tuition purposes are advised to review the requirements and deadlines. Adherence to the published deadlines is the responsibility of each student. Exceptions to waive or extend deadlines are not considered.

If students do not establish residency by the end of their first year of study, Nonresident Supplemental tuition will not be covered under any circumstances. This means that even if a student holds a Graduate Student Researcher position, the Nonresident Supplemental tuition will not be covered under this appointment.