M.S. Degree Planners

Fall 2018 admitted students must use the New (2018-19) Degree Planner.

Fall 2017 admitted students can use the (2017-18) or (2016-17) Degree Planner.

For questions about degree planners, please contact the faculty advisor listed on the New (2018-19) Degree Planner even if you are using one of the older Degree Planners.

NEW (2019-2020) Degree Planners by Major:


(2018-2019) Degree Planners by Major:

(2017-2018) Degree Planners by Major:

(2016-2017) Degree Planners by Major:

M.S. Thesis or Comprehensive Examination:

Transferring to the Ph.D. program:

Master of Science to Ph.D


Additional enrollment details:

  • All ECE students are expected to enroll full-time and register for at least 12 units each quarter during the academic year until the completion of all requirements for the degree. 
  • Effective FA18- ECE graduate students should not enroll in more than 16 units (including waitlist units). Enrollment in more than 16 units will result in a hold on future registration.
  • The 16 unit cap makes an exception for CE students to be enrolled/waitlisted in 20 units, provided at least 4 of those units are the result of CSE waitlisted units.
  • If you plan to enroll in ECE 200, ECE 298 and/or ECE 299, make certain you select the section under the correct faculty member.  
  • You must obtain permission to enroll in any ECE class(es) for which you do not meet the prerequisite(s), you must request permission via EASy . (More Information TBA)