M.S. Degree Planners

Fall 2020 Admitted Students: Degree planners are updated every summer and there will be one for your admitted year. It should be fairly similar or the same as the 2019-20 degree planners listed below if you want to begin planning your coursework. Once it is ready, you will receive an email before registration (date TBD).

For current students (Spring 2020 admitted students and before): If you have questions about degree planners, please see the third link below. Curriculum Advisors may change every quarter so please review before contacting them.

NEW (2019-2020) Degree Planners by Major:

(2018-2019) Degree Planners by Major:

M.S. Thesis or Comprehensive Examination:

Transferring to the Ph.D. program:

Master of Science to Ph.D

Additional enrollment details:

  • All ECE students are expected to enroll full-time and register for at least 12 units each quarter during the academic year until the completion of all requirements for the degree. 
  • ECE graduate students should not enroll in more than 16 units (including waitlist units). Enrollment in more than 16 units will result in a hold on future registration.
  • The 16 unit cap makes an exception for CE students to be enrolled/waitlisted in 20 units, provided at least 4 of those units are the result of CSE waitlisted units.
  • If you plan to enroll in ECE 200, ECE 298 and/or ECE 299, make certain you select the section under the correct faculty member.  
  • You must obtain permission to enroll in any ECE class(es) for which you do not meet the prerequisite(s) via EASy.