Machine Learning and Data Science

The ECE Department is developing a new Machine Learning & Data Science graduate focus area. Designed for graduate students with diverse undergraduate degrees, the program will span the spectrum from fundamental theory to practical applications. The intent is to quickly bring students up to speed with the field’s mathematical and computational foundations, continue with state of the art machine-learning and algorithmic tools that undergird today’s big-data analytics, and offer specialized courses that bridge the field with important branches of science and engineering.

As with all ECE MS majors, the curriculum will encompass 12 courses that students will be able to complete in six academic quarters.  Courses will be offered by the department’s renowned faculty and experienced industrial experts starting Fall 2017. Current ECE graduate students interested in data science are encouraged to avail of the new offerings.

THIS MAJOR HAS BEEN APPROVED, starting FALL 2018.  Interested ECE students should request a change of major.

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