Medical Devices and Systems

Curriculum Advisor

Professor Drew Hall
Jacobs Hall, Room 4805
(858) 534-3855


ECE research on medical devices and systems is multidisciplinary, leveraging faculty member expertise encompassing all areas of electrical and computer engineering. Our faculty are developing medical devices for diagnosis of cancers, diagnosis of chronic and infectious diseases, anatomical and clinical pathology using imaging algorithms and systems, minimally invasive and robotic surgery, and remote medicine employing wireless sensor network solutions.  The faculty have active collaborations and extensive networks with the biomedical community, leveraging UCSD’s world class medical school and the nation’s most active biotech industry in San Diego.  By teaming with doctors and clinicians, we have been successful in translational research, rapidly moving research results from the laboratories to the clinics.

Having medical devices and systems as a major new theme in the department’s roadmap, ECE at UCSD shares the vision of providing effective and affordable health care services to all.


Medical Devices and Systems - Course Requirements