Submitting a Reimbursement Request

To submit a reimbursement, please follow these steps. All reimbursement requests MUST be submitted within 10 DAYS of the event or purchase in order to prevent processing delays. Graduate students who are using Fellowship funds to make a purchase, please email Teresa Ta:

  1. The payee must complete and submit the reimbursement request form online.
  2. Email Teresa Ta: all required backup documentation. This includes:
  • Itemized receipts, invoices, order confirmations, etc.
    • Must show form of payment used, amount paid, name and address of the service provider, date service/expense was incurred, name of person for whom service/expense was provided, description of service/expense
  • List of participants per event

If you are scanning your documents before sending, please make sure all information is clear and easy to read. Private and sensitive information should be covered (for example: phone numbers, birthdays, Social Security Numbers, etc.)

If you are not enrolled in direct deposit, reimbursement checks will be delivered to the ECE Student Affairs Office (Jacobs Hall, 2nd floor.) You will be emailed a reminder to pick up your check once it has arrived. Reimbursements typically take 3-5 weeks to process. Please keep this in mind when deciding to make out-of-pocket purchases.


Submitting a Travel Reimbursement Request (PhD Students)

Prior to booking your trip, you MUST email your Faculty Assistant:

Once these items have been received and you have received confirmation from your Faculty Assistant that a trip number has been created for you through MyTravel, you may begin booking your trip. Please make sure that the selected airfare is the most economical (this is University policy) and that you include price comparisons in the backup documentation Avoid "package deals" as they are generally ineligible for reimbursement. Expenses combined in a package (for example, using Expedia to book airfare and hotel together) usually fail to meet receipt requirements. If you are planning to book through Connexxus , UC's travel program, please contact your Faculty Assistant and they will be able to guide you.

Once you have completed your trip, you will email your Faculty Assistant all of your backup documentation to claim expenses. You will be reimbursed only after your trip has taken place. Ask your PI for the name of the Faculty Assistant who can help you if you are not sure who to contact. For further information, please visit UC San Diego's Travel page .


If you are a Masters student looking for information regarding the ECE Travel Fund, please visit: