Travel Fund (Graduate Students)

The ECE Department is excited to announce a Travel Fund that will be offered to all eligible Masters and PhD students for future conference-related travel or participation in a competition . Students can receive the Travel Fund during their MS/PhD career. In order to be eligible, you MUST be:

  • A current ECE graduate student 
    • PhD students are eligible to apply if they are not being currently funded by a PI
  • Presenting at an engineering-related conference - you may NOT be reimbursed for simply attending a conference
  • Competing at an engineering-related competition. 

The Travel Fund will allow a maximum of $500 over the course of your MS/PhD career to be reimbursed towards:

  • Conference Fees (registration)
  • Hotel/Lodging
  • Travel Fees (airfare, ground transportation)

Expenses for items such as meals, poster printing, presentation supplies, or unnecessary materials will NOT be reimbursed. To request travel funds for an upcoming conference, you must email Teresa Ta ( prior to booking your trip:

  1. Description of your trip and proof that you will be presenting (conference invitation, brochure, pamphlet listing your name, etc.)
  2. Written/email PI approval of your trip
  3. Completed and signed Student Certification for Business Related Travel form

Once you have received confirmation from Teresa that your trip has been approved, you may begin booking your trip through Connexxus, the UC's travel program. Please make sure that the selected airfare is the most economical (this is University policy) and that you include price comparisons in the backup documentationAvoid "package deals" as they are generally ineligible for reimbursement. Expenses combined in a package (for example, using Expedia to book airfare and hotel together) usually fail to meet receipt requirements.

Within one week of returning from your trip, you must email Teresa all of your backup documentation to claim expenses. You will be reimbursed only AFTER your trip has taken place. The maximum reimbursement of $500.00 can be spread over more than one trip.

For any questions, please contact Teresa.