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ECE Impacted Major Status


Freshman admission to all four ECE majors will be limited, as the majors are currently considered impacted. Freshman students who enter UCSD in fall quarter 2014 who want to switch or declare one of the ECE majors must complete all the courses below before they can apply through the MyJSOE Major Change Application.

Screening Courses:

Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Electrical Engineering & Society Majors:

MATH 20A, 20B, 20C,PHYS 2A, 2B, ECE 35, 45 and 65

Computer Engineering Majors:

MATH 20A, 20B, 20C,PHYS 2A, 2B, ECE 35, 45, 65 and CSE 8A/8B or CSE 11


The ECE Department may grant admission to UCSD undergraduate students who were not admitted to the department as entering students. Admission will be considered for students who have completed the courses above demonstrating special aptitude for the ECE curriculum.

  • Details of the full application process is available on MyJSOE Major Change Application.
  • Students may apply in any quarter after they have completed the courses above but should take into consideration time to graduation. They will be ranked according to grades received from the above list. All courses will be weighted equally.
  • Applicants will be chosen from this ranking until all open slots in the major are filled.


Transfer students who enter in fall 2014 and continuing students who entered UCSD prior to fall 2014 can switch into any ECE major using the Major/Minor Tool on Tritonlink.

Effective fall quarter 2015, all engineering majors will be considered impacted.


Please contact the ECE Undergraduate Advisors through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC).