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Power Management Integrated Circuits and Technologies delivers a modern treatise on mixed-signal integrated circuit design for power… Learn more
Patrick Mercier, Mona M. Hella
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781482228939
Release Date: May, 2017

Power Management Integrated Circuits

A thoughtful and provocative fiction story about the science of secret codes and error correction. Sara, Daniel and Jared have devised their own simple code… Learn more
Pamela Cosman
Publisher: Ransom
ISBN: 1781279764
Release Date: Nov, 2015

the code menace

This book explores the design of ultra-low-power radio-frequency integrated circuits (RFICs), with communication distances ranging from a few centimeters to… Learn more
Mercier, Patrick P., Chandrakasan, Anantha P.
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 978-3-319-14713-0
Release Date: Jan, 2015

Ultra-Low-Power Short-Range Radios

The authors have developed a methodology for control of nonlinear systems in the presence of long delays, with large and rapid variation in the actuation or… Learn more
Nikolaos Bekiaris-Liberis, Miroslav Krstic
Publisher: SIAM
ISBN: 978-1-61197-284-9
Release Date: Sep, 2013

Nonlinear Control Under Nonconstant Delays

Stochastic Averaging and Stochastic Extremum Seeking develops methods of mathematical analysis inspired by the interest in reverse engineering  and… Learn more
Shu-Jun Liu, Miroslav Krstic
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 978-1-4471-4086-3
Release Date: Jun, 2012

Stochastic Averaging and Stochastic Extremum Seeking

Starting at the transistor level, this book covers basic system-level CMOS design concepts applicable to modern SoCs. The text uses practical design… Learn more
Bang-Sup Song
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439818959
Release Date: Sep, 2011

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This comprehensive treatment of network information theory and its applications provides the first unified coverage of both classical and recent results.… Learn more
Abbas El Gamal, Young-Han Kim
Publisher: Cambridge
ISBN: 9781107008731
Release Date: Aug, 2011

Network Information Theory

On Optimal Interconnections for VLSI describes, from a geometric perspective, algorithms for high-performance, high-density interconnections during the… Learn more
Andrew B. Kahng, Gabriel Robins
ISBN: 978-1441951458
Release Date: Dec, 2010

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This book introduces a comprehensive methodology for adaptive control design of parabolic partial differential equations with unknown functional parameters… Learn more
Andrey Smyshlyaev, Miroslav Krstic
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 978-0691142869
Release Date: Jul, 2010

Adaptive Control of Parabolic PDEs

Learn the basic properties and designs of modern VLSI devices, as well as the factors affecting performance, with this thoroughly updated second edition.… Learn more
Yuan Taur, Tak H. Ning
ISBN: 9780521832946
Release Date: Sep, 2009

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Some of the most common dynamic phenomena that arise in engineering practice—actuator and sensor delays—fall outside the scope of standard finite-… Learn more
Miroslav Krstic
Publisher: Birkhauser
ISBN: 978-0-8176-4698-1
Release Date: Jan, 2009

Delay Compensation for Nonlinear, Adaptive, and PDE Systems

Nano-CMOS Design for Manufacturability examines the challenges that design engineers face in the nano-scaled era, such as exacerbated effects and the proven… Learn more
Ban P. Wong, Anurag Mittal, Greg W. Starr, Franz Zach, Victor Moroz, Andrew Kahng
ISBN: 978-0470112809
Release Date: Oct, 2008

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This concise and highly usable textbook presents an introduction to backstepping, an elegant new approach to boundary control of partial differential… Learn more
Miroslav Krstic, Andrey Smyshlyaev
Publisher: SIAM
ISBN: 978-0898716504
Release Date: May, 2008

Boundary Control of Pdes: A Course on Backstepping Designs (Advances in Design and Control)

When is a random network (almost) connected? How much information can it carry? How can you find a particular destination within the network? And how do you… Learn more
Massimo Franceschetti, Ronald Meester
ISBN: 9780521854429
Release Date: Jan, 2008

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Confabulation theory offers the first complete detailed explanation of the mechanism of cognition, i.e., thinking, an essential information processing… Learn more
Robert Hecht-Nielsen
ISBN: 9783540496038
Release Date: Aug, 2007

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In many applications, radio frequency (RF) signals need to be transmitted and processed without being digitalized. Optical fiber provides a transmission… Learn more
William S. C. Chang
ISBN: 0521037085
Release Date: May, 2007

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This book describes the fundamental principles of the laser and the propagation of laser radiation in bulk and guided wave components. All solid state, gas… Learn more
William S.C. Chang
ISBN: 0521642299
Release Date: Feb, 2005

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Symbolic analysis is an intriguing topic in VLSI designs. The analysis methods are crucial for the applications to the parasitic reduction and analog… Learn more
Zhanhai Qin, Sheldon X.D. Tan, Chung-Kuan Cheng
ISBN: 0387239049
Release Date: Dec, 2004

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The gap between the size of microelectronic design/validation task and our ability to design these in a reasonable time is steadly increasing. We need tools… Learn more
Rajesh Gupta, Paul Le Guernic, Sandeep K. Shukla
ISBN: 1402080514
Release Date: Oct, 2004

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SPARK: A Parallelizing Approach to the High - Level Synthesis of Digital Circuits presents a novel approach to the high-level… Learn more
Sumit Gupta, Rajesh Gupta, Nikil Dutt
ISBN: 1402078374
Release Date: May, 2004

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