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Petition Process

Students who wish to get course equivalency or deviate from major requirements must submit an undergraduate student petition with documentation to Jacobs Hall 2906. For lower division course equivalencies, the ECE Department only reviews petitions for courses taken at 4 year accredited universities.

Download the UCSD Undergraduate Petition Form.

Required wording for course equivalencies:
STEP 1. On the “REQUEST” line, write:
ENGR 123 (course title) from the University of ________________, (country if EAP/OAP) to be equivalent to ECE _______ (course title).
STEP 2. On the “REASON FOR REQUEST” line, write:
Received a grade of _____, units=______ .
Indicate when the course was taken and if it’s a semester or quarter course.
STEP 3. Attach ECE course descriptions with course descriptions and syllabus from the 4 year accredited university.
• Please copy and paste course descriptions into a Word file.
Required wording for deviations from major requirements:
STEP 1. On the REQUEST line, write:
Substitute ECE ___ (course title) with ECE ___ (course title) in the ___________ Depth.
Take ENGR ___ (course title) at UCI to satisfy a Technical Elective.
Indicate your reason(s) and be honest and concise. Attach a short statement if necessary.
STEP 3. Attach course descriptions if non-ECE courses are being petitioned.
• Please copy and paste course descriptions into a Word file.
Please follow these instructions carefully. Petitions requesting to get 2 ECE courses for 1 transfer course will not be accepted unless student can provide compelling information or documentation. Petitions are reviewed on a case by case basis within 1-2 weeks.
Petitions can also be mailed to:
Undergraduate Advising Office
Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept. UCSD
9500 Gilman Drive MC 0407
La Jolla CA 92093-0407