Fast Sequential Decoding Techniques for Polar Codes


Atkinson Hall, Room 4004

Sponsored By:
Information Theory and Applications (ITA)

Peter Trifonov
Distributed Computing and Networking Department,
St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Saint Petersburg, Russia
ITA Seminar


Polar codes are a novel class of capacity-achieving error-correcting codes. List decoding techniques are needed in order to implement near-maximum likelihood decoding of polar codes and their generalizations, such as polar codes with CRC and polar subcodes.  However, the complexity of the Tal-Vardy list decoding algorithm with large list size is too high for a practical implementation.  It can be reduced by employing sequential decoding techniques.  In this talk, we show that by carefully designing a score function, it is possible to obtain a decoding algorithm with better performance and substantially lower complexity compared to belief-propagation decoding of state-of-the-art LDPC codes. The proposed approach enables several further complexity reduction tricks.

Speaker Bio:
Peter Trifonov was born in St.Petersburg, USSR in 1980. He received the MSc and PhD degrees in computer science in 2003 and 2005, respectively, from Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University.  Currently he is an Associate Professor at the Distributed Computing and Networking department of the same university. His research interests include coding theory and its applications in telecommunications and storage systems.