Network Models of Epilepsy


Jacobs Hall, Room 2512, Jacobs School of Engineering, 9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, San Diego, California 92093

Sponsored By:
Vikash Gilja

Dr. Andre Peterson
Dr. Dean Freestone



In this two-part talk we will demonstrate how various theoretical models of neural network can be used to develop new insights into epilepsy. The theme of the first part works towards a network characterization of epileptogenesis. A mathematical framework
is developed to study the properties of neural networks using time-scale separation and Dale’s law of synaptic connectivity. The second part will discuss a data-driven framework for neural modelling, explaining different types of seizures.

Speaker Bio:
Dr’s Peterson and Freestone are co-leaders of the neural engineering and brain dynamics group at the Department of Medicine, St Vincent’s Hospital at the University of Melbourne. The lab specializes in mathematical approaches for studying neurological disorders and the development of devices to manage epilepsy.

Julie Moritz
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