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Radio and Space Science

Curriculum Advisor

Dr. Kevin Quest 
Jacobs Hall, 2404
(858) 534-4676


The Radio Science program focuses on the study of radio waves propagating through turbulent media. The theory of such propagation is also studied with a view to removing the distorting effects of the turbulent medium on astronomical observations and providing an accurate restoration of the intrinsic signals.

Space science is concerned with the nature of the sun, its ionized and super-sonic outer atmosphere (the solar wind), and the interaction of the solar wind with various bodies in the solar system. Theoretical studies include: the interaction of the solar wind with the earth, planets, and comets; cosmic dusty-plasmas; waves in the ionosphere; and the physics of shocks. A major theoretical effort involves the use of supercomputers for modeling and simulation studies of both fluid and kinetic processes in space plasmas.

Students are trained in one or more of the interrelated fields, electromagnetics, space plasma physics, radio astronomy, wave propagation, numerical methods, and signal processing.