FAQ - Financial Support

What is an estimated total cost for one year of study at UCSD?

The Graduate Division publishes updated tuition and fee costs  each year. 

What kind of financial support is available to ECE PhD students?

Financial support is available to students in the PhD program in the form of fellowships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships. The department attempts to support all full-time graduate students at the Ph.D. level. The most common form of support is a half-time research assistantship that provides a salary, plus fees and tuition (where applicable). For more information, please visit our Fellowships Graduate Student Researcher , and Teaching Assistant  webpages.

Do you provide financial support to Master's students?

Unfortunately, there is little support opportunity for Master’s students. Assistantships are reserved for continuing Ph.D. students, and they are therefore quite rare and very competitive for Master’s students.