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ECE Master of Science Comprehensive Exam

Students graduating with an M.S. Degree must either submit a thesis or pass the written Comprehensive Exam. The written Comprehensive Exam will be given in the first few weeks of the Fall quarter, and possibly in the first few weeks of the Spring quarter, as needed.

Exam Format and Schedule

The next exam will be held on Saturday, October 25, 2014 from 8:00am to 12:00pm in Center Hall, room 101.

Students must arrive no later than 7:45am.

The exam format is a written exam covering a range of topics at the undergraduate level plus a single topic covered at the graduate level (must be your graduate area of study).  Students must pass 3 of the 4 sections of the exam; Math is a mandatory pass.  The exam is 4 hours in duration.

  • All full-time students must take the exam during their 4th quarter of enrollment, with the exception of students in the 5-year B.S./M.S. program.  Half-time students should see an advisor for exam requirement.  Refusal to take the exam during the required quarter will result in a failing grade.
  • Students who fail the written examination twice will not receive the terminal Master's degree.  No other options are available.
  • Students must pass the Math section of the exam in order to pass the written Comprehensive Exam.
  • No calculators allowed during the exam.  The problems are designed so that a calculator is not necessary.
  • No notes or study materials are allowed.
  • No cell phones allowed.

Notification of exam results will be conveyed via email shortly following the exam.

Written comprehensive examination guidelines for M.S. students can be viewed by clicking here.

Register for M.S. Comprehensive Exam

The link to sign up for the exam will be emailed to students when it is activated.  (It is currently inactive.)  Students must sign up for the area of study they are majoring in. This is a written exam covering a broad range of topics at the undergraduate level plus a single depth topic (must be the student's major) at the graduate level.


The topics are:

Plus the student's choice, during the exam,
of any two of the following:

Plus one of the following depth topics
(please specify your major when you sign up here):



Should you have questions that are not addressed on this website, you should direct them to Samantha Garcia,