News Releases from 2005

New Director Takes Over at UC San Diego Center for Networked Systems

Computer Science and Engineering professor Amin Vahdat has taken the reins of UCSD's Center for Networked Systems, and the center has expanded the number of affiliated faculty to 18. Full Story

President of India Launches Historic Indo-U.S. University Network

Jacobs School Dean Frieder Seible and Calit2 Division Director Ramesh Rao were among the UCSD faculty in New Delhi in December to inaugurate a new E-learning and research collaboration between India and U.S. universities. Full Story

Students Engineer a Digital Solution for Senior Care Provider

A  team of UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering students has designed a system that is enabling nurses at St. Paul’s Senior Homes & Services to manage patient information via an easy-to-use computer interface. Full Story

UCSD Establishes Graduate Training Program Integrating Biomedical and Physical Sciences with Engineering

Nine graduate programs and thirteen departments at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) are collaborating in a new graduate educational program at the increasingly crucial interface of biology, medicine, and physical and engineering sciences. Full Story

UCSD Tests Intelligent Triage, Other Technologies in San Diego Disaster Drill

From a WiFi bullhorn created by ECE seniors this quarter, to CSE graduate students' virtual-reality and Command Center applications, technologies developed by Jacobs School faculty and students were tested during San Diego's largest ever disaster drill. Full Story

Through Calit2, Ericsson Endows UCSD Chair in Wireless Communications

ECE professor Laurence Milstein will be the first holder of the Ericsson Endowed Chair in Wireless Communication Access Techniques, one of two endowed chairs funded by Ericsson under its commitment to the UCSD Division of Calit2. Full Story

Photonics Researcher at UC San Diego Wins Graduate Student Leadership Award

Electrical and Computer Engineering Ph.D. candidate Robert Saperstein received the R.B. Woolley Graduate Fellowship in Engineering Award for the 2005-'06 academic year, in honor of his work in photonics as well as his role in mentoring students at the UCSD Preuss School. Full Story

UCSD Researchers Report World Record Efficiency for High-Power Amplifiers for Cellular Base Stations

Engineers at UCSD and industry collaborators have achieved greater than 50 percent efficiency in power amplifiers for third-generation cell-phone base stations -- a record which could pave the way for stronger cell phone signals, and cheaper wireless infrastrastructure. Full Story

UC San Diego Dedicates Technology Institute and Honors Former UC President

UCSD dedicated its new 215,000 square foot California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology facility, to be named after former UCSD Chancellor Richard C. Atkinson. Calit2 also announced a new gift from QUALCOMM, and new academic chair for ECE's Laurence Milstein with funding from Ericsson. Full Story

Thinking Big with the Very Small: Focus of New Cancer Nanotechnology Center at UCSD

In a new national effort to fight cancer with “nanoscale” devices that find and destroy tumor cells while leaving healthy tissue unharmed, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) today awarded the University of California, San Diego $3.9 million in the first year of a five-year $20 million initiative to establish a Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence (CCNE). Full Story

First International Real-time Streaming of 4K Digital Cinema over Gigabit IP Optical Fiber Networks

For iGrid 2005 at Calit2 on the UCSD campus, partners from Japan and the U.S. demonstrated the first real-time super-high-definition trans-Pacific videoconference -- sending data over optical fiber to a screen with four times the resolution of normal high definition TV. Jacobs School professors Larry Smarr and Ramesh Rao participated in the opening ceremony of iGrid. Full Story

Jacobs School Researchers Work with HPWREN on Allocating Resources in Wireless Sensor Networks

An interdisciplinary team of researchers from the Jacobs School's electrical engineering and computer science departments is teaming with developers of the High Performance Wireless Research and Education Network to build better tools for managing resources in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks. Full Story

Intel Helps UCSD Teach Students About Wireless, Multimedia Embedded Systems

Intel has donated more than $193,000 worth of advanced developer kits to the Computer Science and Engineering department, to be used by graduate and undergraduate courses in embedded systems. Full Story

NSF Funds Four UCSD Research Projects in Information Theory With Potential Real-World Applications

The NSF has earmarked over $1.2 million over three years for four projects by Jacobs School faculty experts in information theory, for projects with potential applications in communications, storage and digital circuits. Full Story

UCSD Named 'Hottest for Science' by Newsweek Guide

 August 16, 2005--The University of California, San Diego, long regarded as one of the nation’s premier research universities, has been named the “hottest” institution in the country for students to study science by Newsweek and the 2006 Kaplan/Newsweek College Guide. Full Story

Customized Y-shaped Carbon Nanotubes Can Compute

Researchers at UCSD and Clemson University report in the September issue of Nature Materials that specially synthesized carbon nanotube structures exhibit electronic properties that are improved over conventional transistors used in computers. Full Story

COSMOS Experience Ends on a High Note for High School Students at UCSD

The 83 students participating in the California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS) program left the UCSD campus over the weekend, after showcasing their work for industry and family members at a Student Research Expo. In 2005 UCSD became the fourth UC campus after Irvine, Davis and Santa Cruz to host the COSMOS program. Full Story

Von Liebig Center Funds Five New Projects

The von Liebig Center awards more than $200,000 to five projects led by five professors at the Jacobs School of Engineering. Full Story

U.S. Universities, Industry in Win-Win Agreement with India to Improve Engineering Education

Jacobs School dean Frieder Seible and ECE professor Ramesh Rao attended the signing ceremony for an agreement between UC and four other universities and four Indian institutions to improve engineering education over a new satellite service in India. QUALCOMM will fund UCSD and Calit2 participation in the program. Full Story

California Researchers Offer Open-Source Platform to Speed Wireless Development

The UCSD division of Calit2 has begun distributing a hardware-and-software platform called CalRadio 1.0 for wireless R&D. The open-source device gives academic and corporate researchers unprecedented freedom to develop new radio frequency solutions. Full Story

NSF Selects Two UC San Diego Experts in Computer Vision to Receive Five-Year CAREER Grants

Two Jacobs School faculty experts in computer vision have been selected for CAREER early faculty awards by the National Science Foundation. CSE's Serge Belongie, 30, and ECE's Nuno Vasconcelos, 39, will be funded over five years to the tune of approximately $400,000 each. Full Story

Starting Salaries Offered to UCSD Engineering Graduates Rise to $51,000-to-$55,000 Range

UCSD engineering students graduating this spring with baccalaureate degrees are receiving significantly higher starting salaries than their peers garnered last year. An annual survey by the Jacobs School of Engineering of its seniors found that the median starting salary this year for those joining the workforce will be in the $51,000-to-$55,000 range. Full Story

UCSD Undergraduates Selected to Research Cyberinfrastructure at Pacific Rim Universities

Thirteen students from the Jacobs School will leave next week for research institutions in Japan, Taiwan, China and Australia as part of the PRIME program to give the undergraduates summer-long research experiences in global cyber infrastructure-related fields. Full Story

Pentagon Selects UCSD Computer Engineering Student for Prestigious New Research Award

Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate student Deborah Goshorn is in the first class of recipients of the new Science, Mathematics and Research for Training (SMART) Scholarship program launched by the U.S. Department of Defense this year. She is one of 36 students selected from among more than 600 applicants nationwide. Full Story

SDSC and Calit2 Open Synthesis Center

The UCSD-based San Diego Supercomputer Center and the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology have opened the SDSC/Calit2 Synthesis Center, offering scientists from different disciplines the cyberinfrastructure tools needed to solve multidisciplinary and multi-science problems in a collaborative way.  Full Story

Entrepreurial Engineering Students Stage Sell-Out Biotechnology Conference

Engineering students played a leading role in a biotech conference staged on May 21 by the UCSD student organization VentureForth, which brought together top academic and industry speakers to talk about biotechnology entrepreneurship. Full Story

UCSD Researchers Test Wireless Technologies in Simulated Medical Disaster Response Drill

Jacobs School and Calit2 researchers participated in a disaster drill May 12 and demonstrated several new technologies developed for the first-responder community. Full Story

iGrid to Push Edge of Networking Frontier by Demonstrating World

UCSD and Calit2 will host iGrid 2005 from Sept. 26-29 in the new Calit2 building on the La Jolla campus. The goal of iGrid 2005 is to push research and development of optical networking with data-intensive applications. Full Story

Jacobs School Professor Is One of Five at UCSD Named Fellows of American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Jacobs School of Engineering electrical and computer engineering professor Jack Wolf and four other UCSD faculty members have been named fellows of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. Wolf will be inducted Oct. 8 at the 225-year-old academy's Cambridge, MA, headquarters. Full Story

UCSD Communications Faculty and Graduate Students Meet with Top Motorola Engineers

Motorola has designated the University of California, San Diego as one of its preferred university research partners, and top engineers from the company underscored that distinction when they converged on the UCSD campus for their spring Scientific Advisory Board Associates (SABA) conference to hear from more than half a dozen Jacobs School faculty. Full Story

ECE Undergrads Showcase Research at EUREKA 2005

Undergraduate students from Electrical and Computer Engineering took time out on April 18 to deliver short presentations on 15 research projects as part of the annual showcase known as EUREKA -- ECE's Undergraduate Research Konference & Assembly. Full Story

UCSD Engineering Students Showcase Real-World Group Design Projects

Eighteen teams of students participating in ECE 191 capped the winter quarter with presentations about their start-to-finish engineering design projects funded and mentored by corporations and research institutions such as Calit2. Full Story

Jacobs School Ranks #11 in Annual U.S. News Survey

In the annual survey of graduate programs released April 1 by U.S. News, the UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering ranks 11th among 179 engineering schools, 6th in the nation among public universities.  The Jacobs School of Engineering and ranked second in the nation for research expenditures per faculty member, reflecting UCSD’s leadership as a research university.  Full Story

DoD, Calit2 Fund $500,000 Investment in Advanced Chip Technology at UC San Diego

Under a grant from the Pentagon's Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP), the Army Research Office and Calit2 will split the $500,000 investment in a metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) system. The reactor will be located in the materials-and-devices wing of Calit2's new headquarters building at UCSD, due for completion this summer. Full Story

Jacobs School Seniors Bring Engineering Talent to a Hands-on Physics Course

At the 26th annual Physics 121 Special Projects Showcase, four Jacobs School seniors showcased their final projects, including a system for tracking projectiles with ultrasonics and using an electro-magnetic cannon to intercept at target. Other engineering entries included a model car capable of following a line drawn on the floor, and a laser-based rangefinder. Full Story

A Last-Mile Solution to Broadband Access

Jacobs School electrical and computer engineering professor Anthony Acampora recently presented early findings from a joint research project on the potential for free-space optical mesh networks to solve the "last-mile" problem -- to give more people high-speed access to the Internet. Full Story

Professor-Turned-CEO Pitches New Wireless Data Transfer Technology

On leave from the Electrical and Computer Engineering department, Sujit Dey still visits his UCSD lab every day while juggling the duties of starting up a new company -- Ortiva Wireless -- to provide data-shaping technologies to improve wireless data transfer quality. His research could lead to faster web browsing and improved video quality over the wireless Internet. Full Story

Phasebridge Awarded DARPA - AFRL Contract to Jointly Develop Electroabsorption Modulator Technology with UCSD

Phasebridge, Inc., announced a joint effort with Jacobs School researchers including ECE chair Paul Yu and professor William Chang to develop semiconductor electroabsorption modulator (EAM) technology for rugged, high-performance microwave links.  The agreement will enable the development of low cost and compact semiconductor optical modulators for high-performance fiber optic links in harsh environments. Full Story

Jacobs School to Expand 'Teams in Engineering Service' Program

The Jacobs School is recruiting new students, community partners and corporate sponsors for its innovative Teams in Engineering Service (TIES) program, the first of its kind in San Diego, with plans to go from just over 40 students this quarter, to roughly 100 by next fall, and 200 eventually. Teams are currently working technologoy projects for two non-profit organizations in the San Diego area. Full Story

Faculty Members Brief Industry Partners at CNS Research Review

On Jan. 19 and 20, UCSD's Center for Networked Systems (CNS) held its first Research Review since the center's creation last summer, with representatives from CNS's five member companies hearing presentations on the seven projects now underway in areas ranging from cybersecurity to grid architecture. Full Story

UC San Diego Expands Overseas Research Program for Undergrads to China, Thailand

Engineering and other UCSD undergraduates attended an orientation session for the NSF-funded Pacific Rim Undergraduate Experiences (PRIME) program in summer 2005, when they will get the chance to do cyber infrastructure research at leading institutions in Japan, Taiwan, Australia, China or Thailand. Up to 18 internships will be awarded, double the number in the inaugural program last summer. Full Story

Entrepreneurism Center Funds New Projects from All Five UCSD Engineering Departments

The William J. von Liebig Center for Entrepreneurism and Technology Advancement has awarded more than $300,000 to eight projects led by faculty members of the Jacobs School of Engineering, to help commercialize innovations developed in their labs. It is the Center's sixth round of funding, and for the first time, all five Jacobs School departments were represented among the researchers leading the winning projects. Full Story