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Undergraduate Staff Advisors

Mission Statement:

The mission of ECE Student Affairs is to facilitate ECE faculty, graduate and undergraduate students in understanding and navigating UCSD administrative processes in order to achieve success in their research, educational and professional endeavors, and to prepare students to become engaged and constructive members of a diverse, dynamic and global society.


1. To foster a healthy and cooperative community for ECE faculty, students and staff

2. To motivate and inspire students to be independent, intelligent and innovative engineering professionals

3. To build relationships with alumni and industry partners


Lead Undergraduate Student Affairs Advisor
Jacobs Hall 2906
Undergraduate Student Affairs Advisor
Jacobs Hall 2906
Current students contact: Virtual Advising Center
Questions by current students must be sent to the VAC to expect a response within 24-72 hours.
Winter 2016 Office Hours
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9-1130am 9-1130am 9-10am* 9-1130am 9-1130am
1-330pm 1-3330pm 1-330pm 1-330pm 1-330pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 11:30 am - 1 pm and Wednesday 10am-1pm
Appointments: contact us through the VAC or call to request an appointment. Appointments are required for long term academic planning and must be scheduled after week 2 of the quarter.
Student Affairs Director
Jacobs Hall 2711
Advising Hours:
By appointment only