Concurrent Students


The Concurrent Enrollment Program offered through UCSD Extension allows non-degree-seeking students to enroll in UCSD ECE courses (when space is available). You must register with UC San Diego Extension to participate in Concurrent Enrollment. Interested students should review ECE's Concurrent Enrollment Policy.

***If you are an academically disqualified student and taking concurrent courses, please follow the special process through your College and use the form attached to your academic notice. You do not need to fill out the Concurrent Enrollment Form. Students are not required to go through Concurrent Enrollment for readmission.***


STEP 1: Filling out an E-Add card through UCSD Extension is your first step to getting approved for the class you selected but does not give you access to Canvas and the online materials you will need for your course

SPRING 2022 E-Add Card


STEP 2: Complete the ECE Concurrent Enrollment Form 

  • Students may choose up to 3 ECE courses that they are interested in taking and include courses/experience they may have if they do not have the prerequisites.
  • The form will be available on the ECE Website from 9 AM Tuesday of Week 1 to Thursday of Week 2 (see Timeline below). Submitting an E-Add card without submitting a department Concurrent Enrollment form will result in to request getting denied.
  • A faculty signature is no longer required to enroll in ECE courses. 

ECE Concurrent Enrollment Form


Academic Quarter

Fall 2021

Winter 2022

Spring 2022

Fall 2022

Online Concurrent Enrollment form available at 9 am

9/28 – 10/7

1/4 – 1/13

3/29 – 4/7


Students get a Department stamp of approval

10/11 at 1:30pm –

10/14 at 3:50pm

1/17 at 1:30pm –

1/20 at 3:50pm

4/11 at 1:30pm –

4/14 at 3:50pm

10/10 at 1:30pm –

10/13 at 3:50pm

The last day to obtain stamp

10/14 at 3:50pm

1/20 at 3:50pm

4/14 at 3:50pm

10/13 at 3:50pm

**Dates are subject to change.

**Times listed are based on Pacific Time


    Concurrent Enrollment Eligibility

    If you are currently attending high school, consult your high school principal or counselor to obtain written approval, which must accompany your add form. The approval must be signed by a school official on school letterhead. See Registration Policies and Procedures for more information on middle and high school students enrolling at UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies.

    If you were academically dismissed or disqualified, you are still eligible to take courses through Concurrent Enrollment, please first meet with your college adviser to see if Concurrent Enrollment is the best option for you. Students that have been suspended from the University of California, have withdrawn from a UC while on disciplinary probation or currently have a pending student conduct case, are not eligible to participate in the Concurrent Enrollment program. For questions regarding course transferability, please first check with the receiving institution.

     FAQ Non-immigrant International Students

    If you are a non-immigrant international student and you would like to enroll in a full-time study program of university credit-bearing classes, visit University and Professional Studies (UPS) or contact for details.

    The UPS program is for non-immigrant international students who wish to take a full-time load of university and university extension credit-bearing courses. If you are unsure of whether or not you need to be enrolled into a full-time program to maintain the requirements of your visa, please contact our Immigration Advisor, Olga Piro, at

    Approvals Types Per Department
    Department E-Approval AND Instructor E-Signatures
    Anthropology FPM/FPMU/FPMH Political Science (Graduate)
    Bioengineering Global Health Program Psychology
    Biology History School Of Global Policy & Strategy
    Comp. Science & Eng. (CSE)* Human Development Program SIO (Upper Div. & Graduate
    Data Science* Japanese Studies Sociology
    Earth Science Literature Theatre & Dance (Undergrad)
    Economics (Graduate) Mathematics Urban Studies & Planning
    Education Studies Music Visual Arts
    Environmental Studies Nanoengineering (Graduate)  
    Envir. Systems (Upper Div.) Philosophy  
    Department E-Approval Only
    Chemistry And Biochemistry* Economics (Graduate)
    (currently unavailable)
    Nano/Chem Engineering (undergraduate)
    Cognitive Science Electrical Comp. Eng. (ECE)* Physics*
    Culture, Art, & Technology Humanities Political Science (Undergrad)
    Structural Engineering International Studies Program Rady School of Management* N/A
      Mech. & Aero. Eng. (MAE) School of Medicine**
    Tuition and Fees

    Full payment of all fees is required at the time of registration. Fees for Concurrent Enrollment courses are assessed per unit at the rate of UC San Diego Summer Session tuition from the previous summer. All fees are subject to change without notice.

    Price per unit

    Type of student


    Current UC undergraduates ONLY (those paying fees at a UC campus while enrolled through the Concurrent Enrollment program)


    All other visiting students (e.g. current UC graduate students, UCSD alumni, high school students, UCSD staff, general public, etc.)

    In addition to tuition, you may be charged ACMS resource and/or lab fees.

    ACMS Resource Fee:  A fee of $50 fee per course will be assessed for all students to have access to ACMS resources (e.g., Canvas, TritonEd, podcasts, on-campus computer labs, etc.). This fee is only charged one time per quarter, even if you are enrolled in multiple courses that require ACMS access.

    Lab Fees: a fee of $75.00 will be assessed for each course that requires lab fees according to UC San Diego Academic Department Policy. Labs are still scheduled to meet in-person until further notice.

    The Concurrent Enrollment program does not offer any discounts, and most Concurrent Enrollments do not qualify for financial assistance.


    1. Students will only be able to enroll with space permitting.
      • Departments stop making enrollment decisions on Thursday of Week 3, and students are not responsible for getting the department's approval. 
      • For Spring 2020, concurrent enrollment forms will be approved digitally.
        • Follow the Concurrent Enrollment process provided by Extension.
    2. After the deadline, students will not be able to enroll in courses. No exceptions.


    • Students do not need to obtain faculty signatures.
    • Students will only be cleared to enroll if there are seats available.
    • Students may not submit E-Add Cards on behalf of someone else. Students need to submit their Concurrent Forms through DocuSign. 


    Questions about UC San Diego Extension and University and Professional Studies (UPS) policies should be directed to those offices.


    Questions about Electrical and Computer Engineering Department policies, please email or Jade Moneda (