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Devoted exclusively to the outphasing power amplifier, text covers the most recent research in practical design and applications. Introduces wireless… Learn more
Xuejun Zhang, Lawrence E. Larson, Peter Asbeck
ISBN: 1580533744
Release Date: Mar, 2003

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Extremum seeking, a popular tool in control applications in the 1940s-1960s, has seen a return as an exciting research topic and industrial real-time… Learn more
Kartik B. Ariyur, Miroslav Krstic
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0471468592
Release Date: Feb, 2003

Real-Time Optimization by Extremum-Seeking Control

Ultrasmall Radio Frequency and Micro-wave Microelectromechanical systems (RF MEMs), such as switches, varactors, and phase shifters, exhibit nearly zero… Learn more
Gabriel M. Rebeiz
ISBN: 0471201693
Release Date: Jun, 2002

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The emergence of flow control as a field of research is owed to breakthroughs in MEMS technology, allowing instrumentation of flows on extremely short… Learn more
Ole Morten Aamo, Miroslav Krstic
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1-85233-669-2
Release Date: Jan, 2002

Flow Control by Feedback

This monograph presents new constructive design methods for boundary stabilization and boundary estimation for several classes of benchmark problems in flow… Learn more
Rafael Vazquez, Miroslav Krstic
Publisher: Birkhauser
ISBN: 978-0-8176-4698-1
Release Date: Sep, 2001

Control of Turbulent and Magnetohydrodynamic Channel Flows (Systems & Control: Foundations & Applications)

Provides CAD researchers and engineers with powerful, state-of-the-art tools for the analysis, design, and optimization of interconnect. DLC: Interface… Learn more
Chung-Kuan Cheng, John Lillis, Shen Lin
ISBN: 0471293660
Release Date: Nov, 1999

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Codes, Curves, and Signals: Common Threads in Communications is a collection of seventeen contributions from leading researchers in… Learn more
Alexander Vardy
ISBN: 0792383745
Release Date: Dec, 1998

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This book examines in detail the basic properties and design, including chip integration, of CMOS and bipolar VLSI devices and discusses the various factors… Learn more
Yuan Taur, Tak H. Ning1
ISBN: 0521559596
Release Date: Oct, 1998

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The efforts in nonlinear control over the last few years have led to the level of generality in which conceptual solutions to global Lyapunov … Learn more
Miroslav Krstic, Hua Deng
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1-85233-020-1
Release Date: Jan, 1998

Stabilization of Nonlinear Uncertain Systems

This text has had an overwhelming response from readers. Lauded by some as a marriage between math and engineering, the text features useful and balanced… Learn more
Gilbert Strang, Truong Nguyen
ISBN: 0961408871
Release Date: Oct, 1996

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This innovative book breaks new ground in nonlinear and adaptive control design for systems with uncertainties. Introducing the recursive backstepping… Learn more
Miroslav Krstic, Ioannis Kanellakopoulos, Petar Kokotovic
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0-471-12732-9
Release Date: Oct, 1995

Nonlinear and Adaptive Control Design

Written by a leader in the creation of CDMA and an internationally recognized authority on wireless digital communication, this book gives you the technical… Learn more
Andrew J. Viterbi
ISBN: 0201633744
Release Date: Apr, 1995

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This book is designed to give the student a fundamental, in-depth understanding of all the essential features of the magnetic recording process for both… Learn more
H. Neal Bertram
ISBN: 0521445124
Release Date: Apr, 1994

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James W. Mayer, Sylvanus S. Lau
ISBN: 0023781408
Release Date: Aug, 1989
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Henry G. Booker
ISBN: 0906048591
Release Date: Jul, 1982
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William S.C. Chang
Release Date: Jan, 1980
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William S.C. Chang
Release Date: Jan, 1969
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Henry G. Booker
Release Date: Jan, 1965
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William S.C. Chang
Release Date: Jan, 1961
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