Seminar on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Communication System for Medical Applications and Medical Body Area Network (MBAN) Systems


Jacobs Hall, Room 2512, Jacobs School of Engineering, 9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, San Diego, California 92093

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Professor Truong Nguyen

Dr. David Nghiem
Dr. David Nghiem


Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) and Medical Body Area Network (MBAN) technologies have become promising options for wireless medical applications. However, increased body loss at the ISM frequencies utilized in BLE communication systems and common interference sources, including Wi-Fi, IoT, wireless power charging, microwave-ovens, etc. present challenges for medical applications. MBAN frequencies are also quite close to the ISM frequency band. In this seminar, both BLE medical system & MBAN system analysis will be presented. System, interference and MRI safety testing will be discussed. User-hand effects on the system performance and Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) will also be examined.

Speaker Bio:
Dr. David Nghiem is the Founding CEO & Chief Scientist of Global Wireless Technology (GWT), Inc. Dr. Nghiem has spent many years in the telecommunication and medical industries, including Harris Corporation, Qualcomm, USA Wireless and Medtronic, and has become an industry leader in medical wireless telemetry systems. He was an Assistant Dean of the Cullen College of Engineering, and a Director of the Telecommunication Center at the University of Houston. In 2016, Twin Cities IEEE Section has honored Dr. Nghiem’s outstanding engineering career with the IEEE Outstanding Engineer Award. Recently, Dr. David Nghiem was invited to give a seminar on BLE & MBAN Communication Systems for Implants and Body-worn Devices: Issues & Solutions at the Center for Devices and Radiological Health Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories - U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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