Capped Major Status

Effective Fall quarter 2015, all engineering majors are considered capped and any student wishing to change into ECE will need to complete the screening courses. 

The ECE Department may grant admission to UCSD undergraduate students who were not admitted to the department as entering students. Admission will be considered for students who have completed the screening courses below demonstrating special aptitude for the ECE curriculum. In order to be considered, you must take the following steps:

1. Take the ECE screening courses. Students who want to switch or declare one of the ECE majors must complete the following screening courses before they can apply through the JSOE Capped Major Change Application

Screening Courses:

***The ECE Department will allow screening courses to be taken P/NP during spring quarter 2020 only. Admissions decisions will be based on available grades in the screening courses and overall GPA.***

Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Electrical Engineering & Society Majors:

  • MATH 20A, 20B, 20C
  • PHYS 2A, 2B
  • ECE 35, 45

Computer Engineering

  • MATH 20A, 20B, 20C
  • PHYS 2A, 2B
  • ECE 35, 45
  • CSE 8A/8B or CSE 11 (If you've had previous programing experience)

2. Apply using the JSOE Major Change Application.

  • Students may apply in any quarter after they have completed the courses above, but should take into consideration time to graduation. 
  • You may apply the quarter in which you are completing the eligibility course requirements (see above "Screening Courses"). However, your application will not be considered until grades for all criteria grades are posted on Tritonlink.
  • ECE will rank applicants according to grades received in the courses from the screening list. All courses will be weighed equally. 
  • A 3.5 GPA in the screening courses is considered competitive.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm an EE/EP/EE&Society major, can I switch to the CE (EC26) major without taking screening courses?
No, all non-CE (EC26) majors must take screening courses and apply in order to switch to the CE (EC26) major.

I took screening courses at my community college. Will the grades I received be used to calculate the screening courses GPA?
Yes, the grades of screening courses taken at a community college will be used to calculate the screening courses GPA. The course(s) must be equivalent to a UC San Diego screening course and must be taken for a letter grade.

Effective fall 2016:

Current Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics and EE & Society majors can switch to another major within the ECE Department EXCEPT Computer Engineering by using the Major/Minor Tool on Tritonlink.

Current Computer Engineering majors in the ECE Department can also switch to EE, EP, or EE & Society through the Major/Minor Tool.

Continuing students who want to switch to the Computer Engineering major in the ECE Department must complete screening courses and apply through the JSOE Capped Major Application.

ECE Numbers:

2008-2009 488 76
2009-2010 527 106
2010-2011 542 82
2011-2012 626 102
2012-2013 675 112
2013-2014 1149 129
2014-2015 1276 157
2015-2016 1246 239
2016-2017 1127 369
2017-2018 1114 319



Please contact the ECE Undergraduate Advisors through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC).