2016 Annual Design Competition



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2nd Annual Design Competition Showcase

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2nd Annual Design Competition Showcase!

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Design a device or platform that improves the quality-of-life for senior citizens.

Info Session

Wednesday, September 28, 2016
7PM in Jacobs Hall, Room 2512
Booker Conference Suite


Dec 15
Letter of Intent due

Jan 16
Final Proposal due

Jun 10
Prototype Demo & Design Competition Showcase


1st Place - $4,000
2nd Place - $2,000
3rd Place - $1,000

Earn Credits

  • ECE 190, ECE 191, ECE 198


  • Receive Certification of Participation
  • NSF I-Corps Program

Meet the Teams

Team Name Product Name Product Description Tagline
Team IndeGO
 Popular Prize
The IndeGo Walker The IndeGo Walker is revolutionizing the classic walker through improvements in ergonomics and safety. By integrating engineering and human centered design, the IndeGo Walker has numerous features that make its usage effortless and safe. This includes a comfortable new design, a GPS tracker, and lighting system that come together to maximize the well-being of any user. Independence, on the go.
Little Einstein's Elly Elly is a calendar system that is split into two separate components: a calendar app and digital wall calendar that can sync events. This system allows seniors to schedule events with ease and share events with friends and housemates through a simple and intuitive interface that you can speak to. A senior citizen friendly interface that supports their active, independent lifestyles.
Senior Solutions LiftAssist LiftAssist is a seat cushion that lifts and tilts to help seniors who cannot stand up on their own easily transfer from sitting to standing. With the help of medical professionals, we have designed a dynamic cushion that encourages proper standing technique while assisting the senior with the transfer. Often, it is easier for seniors to walk than to get out of a chair; this device empowers them to be more independent and walk whenever they wish. Empowering seniors to stand tall and proud.
Team Magicians Plug-N-Talk Plug-N-Talk is an affordable solution to the pricey hearing aids market. Just fire up our smartphone App and plug in a pair of earphones and microphone, you can enjoy conversations with friends in an improved hearing quality! An affordable alternative solution of hearing aids to make conversations easy for senior citizens with hearing loss.
HKN Night Buddy Night Buddy is a product that will softly illuminate a path to the bathroom in the middle of the night. A bedside remote is touched to turn on all light units along the path to the bathroom with the intention of helping reduce/eliminate senior falling injuries. Prevent falls with a bedside remote that illuminates your path.
SpeakView SpeakView We are SpeakView; our mission is to return independence to people with hearing loss by providing an optical solution to an auditory problem. Our product provides real-time subtitles for everyday conversations using a wearable device and your smartphone. Today, we have several form factors for you to interact with. Communicate with Confidence!​
 1st Place
KiWi Attention Companion Distractions are inevitable while walking. Sneaky steps, slopes, and uneven surfaces are everywhere and can often catch us by surprise. What if you could see them coming to reduce your chance of slipping, tripping and falling? Meet KiWi - your Attention Companion! KiWi uses sensors to detect fall hazards. You can choose a friendly voice, light or vibration as your alert so you can walk safely. Take KiWi on your next walk - feel more confident and enjoy being active. Age is just a number! Stay active and safe with KiWi Attention Companion.
Project Purple
 3rd Place
Caregiver Collective Are you caring for a loved one with dementia? Tap into a wealth of knowledge and support from experienced caregivers that will not only improve your mental health, but also the health of your loved one. Are you a veteran caregiver? Lend your experiences to guide and build a community with those around you. This flexible, personal, and mobile support group will connect caregivers of all experience levels to promote health for everyone. Fostering a community for unsung heroes
HKN Team B O2Reel O2Reel is a oxygen tubing management device for COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) patients who rely on oxygen concentrator to breathe at home. O2Reel allows the length of tubings to be adjusted appropriately and effectively minimizes tripping hazards caused by the long, easily tangled tubings. O2Reel will be a significant and impactful solution to oxygen concentrator users who have been facing the challenge of managing their 50-feet-long tubings at home in their daily lives. Manage oxygen tubing to untangle your life.
Team Shuffle
 2nd Place
smartSole smartSole is a revolutionary, real-time gait analysis tool that was carefully designed to be low-profile, low-maintenance, and give you the confidence to walk independently. Our comfortable smart insole easily inserted into your shoes and equipped with an array of sensors and powerful algorithms that analyze your walking patterns in real-time and detect unhealthy walking habits. smartSole works side by side with your doctor, improving upon the traditional in-laboratory gait tests by providing real world data for a more accurate diagnosis. smartSole, walk with confidence.

Team Formations and Process

  • At least one team member from Jacobs School of Engineering and one team member from Social Science
  • At least one team member has taken ONE of the following courses by the end of Winter Quarter, 2017:

ECE 180
Entrepreneurship for Engineers (FA 2016)
ECE 180
Successful Entrepreneurship for Microsystems (WI 2017)
CSE 190
Human-Computer Interaction for Health
MAE 154
Product Design & Entrepreneurship
Design of Everyday Things
COGS 120
Interaction Design


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