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ECE Design Competition

The ECE Department and Rady School of Management invite you to participate in the ECE Design Competition. This year, the theme is Sensing Fusion. We challenge you to create a device/system that effectively utilizes at least three senses and will make A significant impact in everyday life!


  • Each team consists of at least one ECE student and one Rady School student; open to ALL Majors. Please sign up HERE
  • Letter of intent [form] is due on May 25, 2012 (5 pm) at the ECE Undergraduate advising office (Jacobs Hall 2906)
  • Full proposal [form] is due on October 12, 2012 (5 pm) at the ECE Undergraduate advising office (Jacobs Hall 2906)
  • Presentation to the selection committee:  Third week of October 2012


10 teams will be selected to receive $1000 for supplies (early November 2012)

Other teams can still participate in the competition without funding


 Each team presents their working prototype in April 2013

Attendees and committee members will vote for the three best devices/systems


First prize:           $3,000

Second prize:     $1,500

Third prize:         $   500

Winning devices/systems will be permanently housed in the ECE Design Competition Hall of Fame.

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For a list of teams, please click here.


ECE 191 & ECE Design Competition information available here.

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QUESTIONS? Please contact:

Professor Truong Nguyen