2019 ECE Design Competition


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3rd Annual Design Competition Showcase

Saturday, June 1
9:00 am-2:00 pm
Atkinson Hall, UC San Diego

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Chelsea Largoza






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Design a device or platform that improves the quality of life for patients and caregivers of Parkinson’s Disease


January 14:

March 2-3:
Design-a-Hack-a-Thon #1

April 6-7:
Design-a-Hack-a-Thon #2

June 1:
Design Competition Showcase


Grand Prize - $2,000
2nd Place - $1,500
3rd Place - $1,000
Popularity Prize - $500

Earn Credits

ECE 190

Meet the Teams

  Team Name Product Name Product Description Tagline
  CSTr2 Cane Step Tracker (Take 2) It's a device that a patient can strap on to a cane or themselves that tracks the patient's daily activity as well as when the patient is falling. It also sends messages to the caregiver notifying them when the patient has fallen and comes with a webportal visualizing daily activity. A step towards independence.

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Dopadaddy and The Flowmingos Electric Stride A mat to train gait using addressable LEDs as a visual cue to step over, embedded into a yoga mat with pressure-based location detection and prediction, resulting in a lengthened stride. We're Dopadaddy and the Flowmingos, and we'd like to play for you... The Electric Stride.
Image result for ribbon medal icon Dragon Bird Soul Partner S A shoe insole that can fit within a person’s shoe, and gather data about their gait, detect unstable positions, and provide real-time feedback to the Parkinson’s Disease patients about unstable position. Walk With Confidence!
  drIEEEm tIEEEm PD Pal PD Pal is an IOT system comprised of a smartwatch with tactile reminders, a pill dispenser, and a web application that schedules dispersion and reminders, and tracks symptoms. PD Pal takes the thinking out of medication administration, allowing more peace of mind and independence for patients and caregivers of Parkinson’s Disease PD Pal - your personal PD medication assistant
  Gigil Smart Vibration A wearable device with built in vibration motors that connect to an IOS app to provide 4 programs that include a meditation program to help calm users, two vibration sequences to distract users subconsciously from their tremors, and an alarm clock to remind users when to take medications. A wearable device that helps distract you from the negative while improving your mental healthy and day to day experience.
Image result for trophy icon Greymatters GreyMatters Personal Trainer A portable device paired with an application that allows users to practice different movements. The device integrates auditory and haptic cues to educate the user and strengthen mind-body connections. The cue algorithms that describe different movements can be found in the application as training modules that communicate with the device. Personal Trainer for People with Parkinson's.
  Hertz Kinect for Xbox (Kinect V2) With Microsoft’s SDK for skeleton tracking, Kinect V2 is able to actively detect and report multiple patients falling With Microsoft’s SDK for skeleton tracking, Kinect V2 is able to actively detect and report multiple patients falling
  idIOTs Cueball Cueball aims to help Parkinson’s patients manage their symptoms by giving them access to highly customizable reminders for medication, meals, and other tasks. Cueball also provides patients a variety of cues for different activities, such as metronomes for setting a walking pace, or vibrations to help regulate their speaking volume. Keep your ball rolling with Cueball
Image result for ribbon medal icon pikachu Obstacle Detection Belt This product is an iOS application which can detect the obstacles surrounding patients, using the analyzing capability of algorithms embedded in phone. Upon detecting obstacles nearby, the app will be implemented by the vibrating belt to send warnings to patients. The product can not only detect regular obstacles but also potholes,ramp and edge of the road, protecting patients comprehensively. Convenient Safety
  PIPE (Pi for Parkinson’s Effort) Assistive Grip Module (Smart Spoon) Introducing Smart Spoon, an anti-tremor handle that can attach to any utensil and provide stability and comfort for its user! As part of project PiPE, or Pi for Parkinson's Effort, we were able to use the power of Raspberry Pi to create an embedded IoT device that greatly alleviates the struggles caused by Parkinson's Resting Tremor symptoms. A raspberry-pi embedded assistive grip module designed to improve quality of life for Parkinson's Patients with Resting Tremor symptoms.
  Rentabl Go Go TestVroom TestVroom is a driving simulator designed to test Parkinson’s patients’ reaction time, motor control and flexibility. It aims to reduce any anxiety by simulating realistic driving and offers a comprehensive report about their driving ability, which they can always improve with practice! Testing the limits of control
  The SegFaults PillBuddy Our product makes it easier for people to keep track of their medication. We have friendly reminders for pills and also provide analytics regarding pill taking. Caregivers can also track patient's medication through our product. Carefree Medication.
Image result for trophy icon Sunshine Doc A phone application for patients/caregivers to log symptoms and other parts of their lives as well as access different resources to help them understand the disease. Doctors can then view this information on a website and determine the best route for patient care. An iOS application that communicates with a website through Firebase and MySQL.
Team Pi
PiWalker A low-cost and portable device designed for any walker as an attachment, synchronized with a life alert necklace. The device has a GPS module capable of keeping track of patient location while sending alerts to caregivers upon request from the patient or due to long term freeze while guiding the patients to get around obstacles. A device targeted toward guiding patients to get around obstacles who use walkers and
have balance and fall problems associated with PD.

Team Formations and Process

  • All UC San Diego undergraduates and graduate students were open to participate
  • 30 initial teams consisted of 150+ students across 15 various UC San Diego majors
  • Teams met with patients and caregivers of Parkinson’s Disease both on and off campus. Students visited support group meetings, boxing club practices, and even made visits to their homes
  • Mentors from ECE, IBM, Design Lab, and Center for Parkinson and Other Movement Disorders presented on various topics such as:
    • Parkinson’s Disease
    • Mental Health Challenges
    • Design-centered Thinking
    • Ideate like an Entrepreneur
    • Technology, Healthcare & Design



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