Incoming Ph.D. Students

The ECE Student Affairs Office is excited to welcome Ph.D. students to the department and share more information about the graduate program. ECE will be hosting virtual workshops along with orientation sessions! For now, please become familiar with the information on this page More info to come soon! 

Incoming Ph.D. Information

Ph.D. Program Requirements and ECE Enrollment Workshop Registration

The Zoom links will be sent to your email once the registration has been completed. The session + presentation slides will be recorded and sent to your email after it concludes.

Ph.D. Degree Requirements and Exam Guidelines

Incoming students should read the Ph.D. Degree Requirements and the 6 boxes within the Exam Guidelines page

ECE Financial Support

ECE students with financial support may need to complete administrative paperwork or take additional steps. If any paperwork/steps are required, ECE’s Graduate Student Support Team will contact the affected students directly. 

ECE Degree Planner

As an exercise, please review and complete the ECE degree planner.

  • The upcoming academic year degree planners will be posted in the summertime but for now, you can use this academic year's planner. The changes, if any, will be very minor.
  • You can use the ECE course page to assist with completing the degree planner. All, if not most of the courses outlined should be offered during the upcoming academic year. ECE courses are offered in Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters; if there’s a blank box, then it means that the course is not being offered in that quarter
FAQ Page

The ECE Department created a Frequently Asked Questions page to assist with any commonly asked inquiries. Please review it at your leisure. 

  • Please contact your Ph.D. Advisor.
  • When emailing, please include your full name and UCSD PID.
  • Allow 3-5 business days for a response and avoid emailing more than one advisor, this creates further delays.

Helpful Resources

In addition to the checklists and information above, we have also compiled a document of additional topics below. Please be sure to take your time looking over this information.

Set up your UCSD Email/Account
  • Make sure you have access to your student email account. We will transition to no longer sending you emails to the address you used to create your application. If you have any issues accessing your email account, please contact

  • Continually check your email for more information to follow. again, we will start sending all communication to your UCSD email.
Enrolling at UCSD - Dates and Deadlines

For now, please make note that on May 24 you may start enrolling in non-ECE 200+ courses and on June 1 you will be able to start waitlisting in ECE 200+ courses. For more information, please visit ECE Course Enrollment Policies & Procedures page.

Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves and mark their calendars with these important UCSD Enrollment and Registration dates and deadlines. 

ECE Financial Support Information

More information about ECE Financial Support can be found here

UCSD On-Campus Graduate Housing

More information about on-campus graduate housing can be found here


More information about UCSD ID cards can be found here.

ECE and UCSD Resources

More information about ECE and UCSD Resources can be found here

Tips on Overcoming Culture Shock 

Things to do in San Diego


Places to Eat Near UCSD
Student Discounts

Check out this list of discounts available with your UCSD student ID card. Be sure to verify with the company that they are still offering the discount and note that restrictions may apply.

International Services & Engagement Office Guides

ISEO has created the following guides to highlight resources that help international students succeed and thrive at UC San Diego. The guides range from fun activities for exploring San Diego to the immigration documents necessary for arrival to the United States. Equipped with interactive lists and helpful links, the guides are tools to enhance your academic and social experiences at UC San Diego.