Qualcomm Institute - Job #052502

Qualcomm Institute

We are looking for undergraduates in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, and related majors with experience in Internet of Things (IoT) to aid in the research and development of IoT projects taking place here at the Qualcomm Institute (Calit2).

This is an unpaid internship; however, arrangements can be made to earn academic credit as an ECE 199 or CSE 199 (Independent Study) course, which can be used towards satisfying technical electives. Also, if students' skills are satisfied enough, they can have a chance to attend several Hackathons with other undergraduate interns.

For this project, it is recommended that students have:

  • Experience using development boards, such as the Dragonboard 410c, Raspberry Pi, chipKIT, etc.
  • General programming knowledge, especially in C/C++ and Python 2/3
  • Ability to implement circuit components and I2C’s
  • Familiarity in receiving and sending data over serial communication
  • Basic knowledge of networking, such as sending data to/from the TCP and HTTP/2
  • Basic experience in using and navigating through BASH (command line shell)
  • Special programming knowledge such as NodeJS, AngularJS, Google's material design, Unity, and so forth
  • Knowledge in producing documentation (such as flow charts and state machine diagrams) is a plus
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to work both independently and with others


Students with additional questions or those interested in this project can send their resumes to Dr. Seokheon Cho at s5cho@eng.ucsd.edu .

Please note that students must be enrolled as full-time undergraduates in order to be considered for this position.

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