Lab 41 - Job #053001


Job # 053001

Lab41, an In-Q-Tel Laboratory, has a core mission to build capability, provide thought leadership, and develop cutting edge research to support the men and women of the intelligence community.  Through prototyping and engineering, we work on data science problems that will inform the United States government on emerging machine learning capabilities. In addition to working with startup companies, Lab41 brings industry, academia, and government together to tackle difficult big data challenges in audio and speech, video and image processing, computer vision, natural language processing, and general machine learning. 

We are committed to hiring and developing top talent from around the United States to deal with big data problems. The successful candidate should have strong interpersonal skills with a core interest in our mission. He or she should share our innovative spirit and passion for technology and research.


  • Contribute to the team’s research and development activities; participate and lead some of the efforts. 
  • Formulate research problems based on intelligence community needs and conduct high-quality research. 
  • Develop software system and application prototypes of the proposed solutions. 
  • Conduct experiments to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of the solutions. 
  • Create proof-of-concept technology demonstrations. 
  • Write well-structured and re-usable code in programming languages such as Java, C/C++, and Python. 
  • Generate creative solutions (patents) and publish research results in top venues (papers).
  • Collaborate with researchers at world-class universities
  • Interact with startup companies that provide technology to government sponsors
  • Interface with intelligence community seniors about technology and data science


  • Strong coding ability in Python, GPU-programming in Linux environment
  • Masters with 3+ years of industry experience minimum. A Ph.D. is preferred, in a field of machine learning or related field
  • Experience putting together large-scale systems
  • Strong analytical and mathematical skills and algorithms analysis
  • Good communications skills

Please contact  for more information.

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