Stealth - Job #062601


Job #062601


Former founder who has taken companies from zero to acquisitions is starting his next project (in stealth). The team is working to restructure communication in the workplace, from the ground up. Looking for early team members driven to solve problems around AI and Machine-learning to analyze and manipulate audio-based interaction. The reach of the product is non-niche with the potential to impact all forms of business.


As an early stage company, you would be a director of research or a similar high equity engineer. Your responsibilities would include direct R&D, contribute to, analyze, and solve challenges in the multimedia space. The successful candidate should have strong interpersonal skills with a core interest in our mission. He or she should share our innovative spirit and passion for technology and research.



- Set research agenda for video data

- Identify, research, and solve problems that could improve QoS

- Evaluate performance and effectiveness of the solutions. 

- Create proof-of-concept technology demonstrations. 

- Write usable programming languages such as Java, C/C++, and Python. 

- Generate creative solutions (patents) & publish research results



- Strong coding ability in Python

- Masters required, Ph.D. is preferred, in machine learning or related field

- Experience putting together large-scale systems

- Strong analytical and mathematical skills and algorithms analysis

- Good communications skills


If interested, please contact Sean Shadmand < > for more information.

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