Embrace Healthwear - Job #082802

Embrace Healthwear

Job #082802

Embrace Healthwear is a cloud based motion analytics company that uses the way people move to diagnose, prevent and treat human diseases. Currently, we are looking for a software engineer with Signal Processing experience to join our team.

ECE161 series, ECE 251 series, and ECE 257 class experience would suffice.


  • Proficient in Python, C, OpenCV or other open source libraries

  • Understand basic fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing

  • Must be able to work at least 15 hours a week.


  • Collaborate with the technical development team to meet pre-determined specifications.

  • Utilize Python and its peripheral libraries to perform analysis on field data.

  • Be Adaptable to learn new languages, framework or plugins


  • Creative Thinker

  • Troubleshoot and Communicate Effectively

  • Self-Starter Attitude

  • UCSD Graduate and Undergraduate Students.

Please send email to jun@embracetech.co to apply for the position.  With the subject line [ “Name” - Signal Processing Engineer ]

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