Mobile Developer and Backend Developer

Nokia Bell Labs

We have two openings - one for mobile and one for backend development.

What do we do?

Our team is called Innovation Incubation under Nokia Bell Labs . We work with researchers, futurists explore their ideas, mix them with ours and make, that day yet to come if you join us, a big splash. As part of CTO we are also involved in exploring, demonstrating what future  will look like once we have fast, low latency networks around.

Who are we looking for?


  • You are passionate about technology and don’t settle.
  • Have a couple of scares working on various interesting projects. Working on would be great to see.
  • You care about software development - coding, testing, designing, performance.
  • You can find fun in working on non-standard projects, but also persist during dull delivery and boring it gets.
  • You can prototype your ideas.
  • You like to learn, experiment and share new things. You are curious, skeptical and courageous.
  • You are lazy to do repetitive tasks and will go the extra mile to automate things.


  • You are programming ninja, karate programming kid or Wizard of Oz.
  • When you hear “tree” or “map," you think about data structure, and that brings a memory of solving Hanoi puzzle when you were 3 years solved all problems on every single programming coding page on the Internet twice. You don’t have to know how many balls you can pack in the bus tough, maybe reading the whole internet twice is a bit of too much, but you should not turn pale when faced with some algorithmic problem.
  • When you hear "node," you think about language, you like and have at least 2 years experience of (guess, time is relative... should have experience with async, await).
  • When you hear "cloud," you think about AWS, Azure, Kubernetes - and have experience with some of those (microservices, NoSQL, docker, Netflix blog...).
  • You have heard about Java and could do some damage using your object-oriented skills and know that Gang of Four is book is not about prisoners that escaped Alcatraz
  • Should you be a mobile warrior and have fire in your hearth - have a comparable Swift, Android experience (Kotlin is a plus) :)