Engineering Interns


Note: By applying to this position your application is automatically submitted to the following locations: Mountain View, CA, USA; Chicago, IL, USA

We have both 3 and 6 month long Internships available. The 6-month Internship will start in June and end in December.

Google is and always will be an engineering company. We focus on being a collaborative, global organization consisting of engineers who are ready to take on some of technology's greatest challenges and make an impact on millions, if not billions, of users. As a Hardware/Mechanical Engineering Intern, you will work on our core Consumer Hardware products. Depending on your background and experience, you will be working in one of the following areas:

Electrical Hardware Engineer
As an Electrical Hardware Engineer, you will design, develop and deploy next generation consumer hardware. You have a hardware board design background and knowledge of system architecture for mobile products. You will define board layout constraints and requirements, oversee physical engineering design layout, and work cross-functionally on system integration. You will also work cross functionally with mechanical design, operation, and product to deliver systems to production.

Mechanical Engineer
As a member of a fast-paced multi-disciplinary team, you use your creativity and diverse range of engineering experience to explore solutions to a variety of engineering problems. As a Mechanical Engineer, you participate in the design, analysis, and prototyping of new concepts. You work in a manufacturing and product oriented development environment and collaborate with vendors and outside sources in order to see parts through to manufacture.

Hardware Test Engineering
Google's custom-designed machines make up one of the largest computing infrastructures in the world. The Hardware Testing Engineering team ensures that this cutting-edge equipment is reliable. As a Hardware Test Engineer, you design test equipment for prototypes of our machinery and develop the protocols used to scale these tests for the entire global team. Working closely with design engineers, you give input on designs to improve our hardware until you're sure it meets Google's standards of quality and reliability.

Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. Our Hardware team researches, designs, and develops new technologies and hardware to make our user's interaction with computing faster, more powerful, and seamless. Whether finding new ways to capture and sense the world around us, advancing form factors, or improving interaction methods, our Hardware team is making people's lives better through technology.


  • Perform specific responsibilities which vary by project area.


Minimum qualifications:

  • Currently enrolled in a full-time Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or related technical field, returning to BA/BS program or enrolled in another full-time degree program after completion of the internship.
  • Experience in one or more of the following areas: Hardware System Integration, Signal and Power Integrity, RF System Validation, Wifi, Bluetooth, Wireless Communications, Product Design.
  • Authorization to work in the United States.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Currently pursuing a Master's or PhD in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or related field with an expected graduation date in 2018.
  • Previous tech internships or demonstrated work experience (i.e. research assistant, teaching assistant, personal projects outside the classroom, etc.) in Hardware, Electrical Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering.