AI Embedded System/FPGA Intern Opportunity


Kneron Inc. is looking for intern candidates working with exciting projects of artificial intelligence (AI) hardware, software and smart system. We are developing highly efficient and powerful hardware, software and system for mobile devices and IoT/IoE applications. Our vision is to make AI accessible to everybody in everywhere.

About Kneron Inc.:
Based in San Diego, Kneron is an on-device oriented AI solution provider with a focus on software re-configuration and hardware compression + acceleration.          

Position: Embedded System/FPGA Design Intern

Knowledge, Skills & Experience:
1.Strong Verilog Coding Skill;
2.Strong C/C++ Coding Skill;
3.Python and Matlab experience preferred;
4.Computer vision or voice recognition experience preferred;

Main Duties of this Position:
1.Accelerator/Co-processor architecture research and development
2.Computer vision/ voice recognition application related embedded system/FPGA prototype development
4.Hardware, firmware, and software design, testing, and verification

Location: 6725 Mesa Ridge Road, Suite 102 San Diego, CA 92121

If interested, please send your resume to:

San Diego, CA