Deep Learning Algorithm

Kneron Inc.

Kneron Inc. is looking for part-time or full-time candidates working with exciting projects of deep learning hardware. We are developing highly efficient and powerful hardware for mobile devices and IoT/IoE applications. Our vision is to make artificial intelligence (AI) accessible to everybody in everywhere.

About Kneron Inc.: Based in San Diego, Kneron Inc. is a start-up dedicated to local/edging AI solutions. Kneron was the winner of Tengfei Award by Tencent and won the third place in Innovation Competition of International Talents, Silicon Valley Division.

Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

  1. Understand deep learning, CNN, RNN, LSTM;
  2. Have knowledge of modern CNN such as mobilenet, resnet, and so on;
  3. Experience of computer vision, NLP preferred;
  4. Familiar with Python;
  5. Keras, Tensorflow, C, Matlab preferred;
  6. Good at math;

Main Duties of this Position:

  • Investigate and survey existing deep learning solutions for computer vision applications, natural language processing, and so on;
  • Design better deep learning solution;
  • Investigate better training algorithm;

If interested, please send your resume to:

San Diego, CA
Job Contact