AC vs. DC: Resurrection of Westinghouse and Edison Debate

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Jacobs Hall, Room 2152, Jacobs School of Engineering, 9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, San Diego, California 92093
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M. Rezwan Khan
M. Rezwan Khan

The debate between AC and DC power supply started at a time when development era of electronics has not dawned. So, it is quite obvious that Westinghouse and Edison debate on AC and DC in late 19th century was an uneven one and winning of AC over DC was well justified. However, the development of new electronic devices, technologies and control systems have changed the scenario significantly compared to the one that prevailed in the later part of 19th century. This presentation is an attempt to resurrect the debate with justifications for such a ‘paradigm shift’.

Seminar Speaker Bio
Prof. M. Rezwan Khan completed his B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), the leading technical university in Bangladesh, in 1980. He then obtained his M.Sc. and Ph.D. from University College London in 1982 and 1986 respectively. Prof. Khan started his career as a faculty member in the Department of EEE, BUET in 1980 and became a professor in 1996. He served BUET till 2004 and then joined United International University (UIU), Bangladesh as the Dean of School of Science and Engineering. He became the Vice Chancellor of UIU in 2005 and served till November 2017. Presently he is a professor in the Dept. of EEE, United International University.

Prof. Khan has research interest in diverse fields like thin film nano-devices, power electronics, DSP, renewable energy and energy systems. He has been serving as the Chairman of the Technical Standard Committee of Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL), the largest microfinance organization in Bangladesh in Renewable energy sector, since the inception of the micro financing program of Solar Home Systems (SHS) in Bangladesh. Under his technical guidance IDCOL has so far financed 4.5 million solar home systems in Bangladesh, the largest solar home system program in the world. In recognition of his contribution for popularizing SHS in Bangladesh, he received the IDCOL Award in 2005. United International University organizes the International Conference on the Developments in Renewable Energy (ICDRET) on a bi-yearly basis and Prof. Khan is its Organizing Chair. He received the Bangladesh Academy of Sciences Gold Medal in 2005 for his outstanding contribution in the field of science and technology in Bangladesh. Prof. Khan is a Senior Member of IEEE and Fellow of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences. He has been selected as the Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE-IAS for 2017-2018. Throughout his academic career, Prof. Khan had been vigorously involved in research and development. He is a great proponent of DC systems and has presented a number of talks in different national and international forums on this topic.
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Travis Spackman
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