Wave-front Sensing and Shaping Techniques and Their Applications in Nanotechnology and Biology

Seminar Date(s)
Seminar Location
Jacobs Hall, room 2512, Jacobs School of Engineering, 9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, San Diego, California 92093
Seminar Speaker
YongKeun Park
Yongkeun Park

In this talk, we will present the applications of inverse scattering principles with digital holography [1-5]. First, I will present the holotomography – a 3D quantitative phase imagign techniques for label-free imaging of cells and tissues [2]. As an optical analogous to X-ray computed tomography, holotomography reconstructs 3D refractive index tomography of unlabelled cells, from multiple 2D holographic images obtained with various illumination angles. The obtained 3D refractive index tomograms are then analyzed using deep-learning for various applications, including cell biology and infectious diseases [3]. Second, we also discuss the applications of inverse scattering principle for highly scattering layers. By wavefront of light impinging onto a highly scattering sample, we demonstrate the control and measurement of evanescence near fields, the demonstration of high-definition 3D holographic display, and the optical phase conjugation only using simple linear optics [4-5].

[1] Park JC et al., Nature Communications 10 :1304 (2019)

[2] Park YK et al., Nature Photonics 12 :578 (2018)

[3] Jo Y et al., Science Advances, 3 (2017)

[4] Yu H et al., Nature Photonics, 11 :186 (2017)

[5] Kim K and Park YK, Nature Communications, 8:15340 (2017)

Seminar Speaker Bio
YongKeun (Paul) Park is Associate Professor of Physics at KAIST. Dr. Park’s area of research is digital
holography and its applications for biology and medicine. He has published +100 peer-reviewed papers
including 3 Nat Photon, 3 Nat Comm, 4 PRL, 3 PNAS papers. He is a fellow of Optical Society of American
and an Editor of Optics Express, Scientific Reports, Experimental Biology and Medicine, and Journal of
Optical Society of Korean. Two start-up companies with close to 40 employees have been created from his
research (Tomocube, The Wave Talk. To learn more about Prof. Park's research projects, visit his website:
Seminar Contact
Cheryle Wills