ECE Undergraduate Advising Office

The mission of ECE Student Affairs is to facilitate ECE faculty, graduate and undergraduate students in understanding and navigating UCSD administrative processes in order to achieve success in their research, educational and professional endeavors, and to prepare students to become engaged and constructive members of a diverse, dynamic and global society.


  1. To foster a healthy and cooperative community for ECE faculty, students and staff
  2. To motivate and inspire students to be independent, intelligent and innovative engineering professionals
  3. To build relationships with alumni and industry partners

ADVISING HOURS (subject to change without notice):


  • Current undergraduate students can submit questions through the "Ask a Question" tab in the Virtual Advising Center (VAC): 
  • A response will be sent to students within 24-72 hours.
  • Online Drop in advising hours may vary weekly and noted in our calendar above. 
  • During our online drop in advising hours, students can sign in using the “Meet with Advisor” tab in the VAC. The sign in feature will close 5-10 minutes before the end of the online advising session.
  • available on certain Tuesdays, 9-1130 am and 1-3:30 pm in Jacobs Hall 2700. Please see our calendar for specific dates.
  • walk-ins welcome
  • 30 minute appointments are available Monday to Friday during remote advising hours 
  • Use the "Ask A Question" feature on the VAC to set up an appointment.
  • Include a reason for the appointment in your request.
  • Appointments must be set up at least 2 business days in advance and are not available during evenings, weekends or enrollment time.

Contact us through the VAC for instructions on where to submit your form. Forms sent directly to our email account without notifying us through the VAC may cause delays in the review process.

Prospective students: email us at



During your undergraduate career, faculty advisors can be a valuable resource. Faculty advisors can provide insight about additional avenues of interest (research, industry, academia) and advice about course work, depth sequences, and other academic issues. Also, your advisors can share their own experiences about electrical engineering and provide a new perspective of industry. In addition, faculty can get to know you as a student, and your relationship may lead to limitless possibilities, including recommendations for graduate school, job opportunities, and research experiences.

Electrical Engineering Depth Advisors