Requests to deviate from a major requirement using a course that is not automatically allowed or required or requests for ECE course equivalencies for courses taken at other 4 year universities or study abroad must be approved by a petition process. Students who complete a Circuits or C programming course at a community college or 2 year  institution must take the ECE 15 or 35 Waiver exam to get credit.

Course equivalency petitions for courses taken at community college or 2 year institution will not be reviewed.


All parts of the petition form must be completed. Incomplete petitions will delay the process.

1. Log into the Online Petition Tool.

2. Click “[Add new petition]”

3. Select the ECE department and the type of petition.

  • Pre-Approval: used to receive credit from courses NOT YET completed.
  • Course Substitutions: used to receive credit from courses ALREADY completed or for major exceptions.

4. Complete the Petition Request:

  • Choose the course you wish to receive credit for. Be sure to scroll all the way down if you do not see your course. Select “Other” and fill in the course information.
  • Complete the Petition Reason section by copying and pasting the appropriate template from the table below. Fill out each underlined or blank section.

5. Upload PDF files ONLY of supporting documents including the course syllabus, websites, descriptions, or any other documents you wish to have reviewed. Students requesting pre-approval course equivalencies must provide a syllabus from the current academic year. Students requesting course equivalencies for courses already completed must provide a syllabus from the term they were enrolled in the course or the academic year they were enrolled in the course. For example, if you took the course in WI19, a syllabus from FA18, WI19 or SP19 must be submitted.

6. Submit the petition.


For deviation from Major Requirements:

For Course Equivalencies:


Substitute ECE ### with ECE ### in the ___________ Depth.


Take ENGR ###  at ______ to satisfy a Technical Elective.


ENGR ###  from the University of ________________, (country if EAP/OAP) to be equivalent to ECE ###.


Indicate your reason(s),  be honest & concise.

***Stating that an ECE Undergraduate Advisor instructed you to submit a petition is not a valid reason.


Received a grade of _____, units=______ .

***Stating that an ECE Undergraduate Advisor instructed you to submit a petition is not a valid reason.



  • Generally, petition review can take up to 1-4 weeks and course equivalency petitions may take 2-4 weeks. Results will be sent to the student through the VAC.
  • There is no guarantee petitions will be approved.
  • The department accepts only two EE core courses (core upper division Breadth and Depth) taken through EAP/OAP (study abroad) and another 4 year university.
  • Students will not be allowed to replace a Depth course with a non-ECE course.
  • Petitions requesting to get 2 ECE courses for 1 transfer course will not be accepted unless the student can provide compelling information or documentation.

Have a question about petitions that is not addressed above? Please contact the Staff Undergraduate Advisors through the Virtual Advising Center.