OSD Accommodations


Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for accommodations. The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) determines reasonable accommodations based on the student’s current functional limitations. Only students who have been issued an Authorization for Accommodation (AFA) Letter by the OSD are eligible for accommodations. 

The Electrical and Computer Engineering OSD Liaison and faculty will work directly with the student to help facilitate exam accommodations for all ECE courses offered.


Triton Testing Center will be open starting FALL 22 quarter to provide secure and integral testing services to students who need to take their paper-based tests outside the time and space constraints of the classroom. 

Unfortunately, the TTC is not equipped to host computer-based tests at this time.

For instructors

  • To get started, we ask you to create an account with UC San Diego’s RegisterBlast. Once your account is created, you will be able to log in to Register Blast to submit your test(s) request, securely upload your test(s), and provide testing instructions and preferences.
  • RegisterBlast will also enable you to see all of your tests in one spot, as well as when a student has completed a test. Once you’ve created an account, the TTC will contact you directly with detailed instructions and guidance. 

For students (to be sent by the OSD Liaison or the Instructor):  

  • If your instructor permits, you will schedule your accommodated tests directly with the Triton Testing Center (TTC). 
  • To get started, you must fill out a TTC student registration form. Once the TTC has approved and created your account, you can log in to their system to confirm your accommodations and schedule your tests within the parameters (e.g., testing window) provided by the instructor.