Computer Vision Engineer - Animantis


At Animantis, we develop automated software to extract meaningful information from images and videos of living human cells. By directly examining the cells in this manner, we gain far richer and deeper insight into patient conditions than is possible with comparable existing biomarkers. Through our collaborations with pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and practicing clinicians, we aim to guide healthcare into a new age of better information.


We are currently working on scaling up our software team—both to build out our existing analysis pipelines and to help us branch out into different cell and assay types. As our first specialized Computer Vision Engineer, you will have critical input into how we approach this challenge. Your responsibilities will include: improving on our existing codebase, prototyping detection/tracking code for new cell types, contributing to architecture and implementation decisions, and participating in code reviews.


Requirements for success:

  • 3+ years writing CV code in Python and/or C++ using libraries such as OpenCV
  • Familiarity with methods for detecting and tracking objects in video (eg. Particle Filters, Kalman Filters, JPDAFs)
  • Experience evaluating quality of detection/tracking results
  • Good collaborative coding habits, including writing helpful comments and useful tests


Also nice:

  • Prior experience working with medical images/videos
  • Experience scaling up a CV pipeline to handle high image throughput
  • Published research from a project where you contributed significantly to the vision code
  • The desire to work in a context where helping people is the ultimate goal


This role will be onsite in San Diego, CA, though you will be able to work remotely some of the time. Offering a competitive salary with benefits such as health insurance and stock options available.


Ready to apply?


Please send your resume to along with two paragraphs explaining:


  1. Why you want to work with us
  2. Why we should want you to work with us


We look forward to hearing from you!