Opening at Qualcomm

The candidate needs to be proficient in mix signal & power fundamentals

Skills needed:

·  Emulation environments for development and debug

·  Debugging low-level software and hardware issues

·  Implementing drivers and test content

·  Debug tools including JTAG and kernel debuggers

·  CPU and SoC architectures

·  Basic understanding of power and performance

·  Experience programming in C

·  Experience with post-silicon enabling and bring-up

·  Understanding of coherency and concurrency in modern SoC architectures

·  Validation and debug of mixed analog and digital circuits

·  Experience with at least one of Perl, Python, TCL, C++, or Java

Educational Requirements: Required: Bachelor's, Computer Engineering and/or Electrical Engineering Preferred: Master's, Computer Engineering and/or Electrical Engineering
Please forward your resume to  with the title of the position and all the classes related to the position.