Undergraduate Student Intern - Lerman Lab

The Lerman Lab is looking for enthusiastic highly intelligent students.   Our laboratory works on bioengineering, engineering, mechanical engineering problems focused on novel neural interfaces that  treat diseases such as pain and inflammation. We are developing novel neurotechnology tools that require high level expertise in electrical engineering and computer science.
We need students with expertise or the will to learn:
- System and device fabrication/production for research and commercial purposes.
- MATLAB programing, including data acquisition, analysis and system control.
- LabVIEW programing for some of the system control.
- Machine Learning for Image Recognition (medical ultrasound).
- Circuit building for accessories (trigger generator, bandpass filter, modulation generator).
- Testing troubleshooting and System operation.
- Involvement in human trials (safety parameter assessment).
What you can expect:
- Design and implementation of circuit and programming that results in product realization.
- Packaged cutting edge research projects on novel neurotechnolgies, that is ready to run now. 
- Your work will result in abstracts, posters and publications.
- Real world application of course work on many levels, i.e., ECE203. 
- Experience in human clinical trials that implement your design and products. 
If interested please contact us with CV and or interest email. 


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