Student Organizations

For your own personal and professional development, it is a very good idea to involve yourself with a program-related organization. See the information below and check the websites/email to get yourself on the email list of activities/meetings:

Project in a Box (PiB)

Project in a Box (PiB) is a student organization founded in 2016 with a mission to make hands-on education more accessible to students. Their name stems from the self-contained, concept-specific project kits that the team develops in order to empower students with engineering and industry-relevant skills. Over the past two years, they have been great advocates of fostering a community of makers in order to empower engineering innovation and kick start students’ engineering careers. As they continue to grow, the team and the community they’ve built will serve our Jacobs School of Engineering and San Diego community to ignite passion and enrich engineering education for generations of students to come. In the future, they look towards continuing to expand this impact through more technical workshops and projects for Jacobs School students, strengthened ties with industry, and further serving the underprivileged communities in San Diego.

Eta Kappa Nu (Kappa Psi chapter)

Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) is the student honor society of IEEE and is dedicated to encouraging and recognizing excellence in IEEE fields of interest. Members consist of students, alumni, and professionals who have demonstrated exceptional academic and professional accomplishments. Student members are selected on the basis of scholastic standing, character, and leadership.  At UCSD, HKN provides free tutoring and hosts a variety of workshops and events to promote technical, professional, and academic development.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

The IEEE (Eye-triple-E) is a non-profit, technical professional association of more than 377,000 individual members in 150 countries. We are a student organization that aims at giving students opportunities found nowhere else. Be a part of our community to build communication skills, to learn important information, and most of all to work as a team. There are many ways IEEE can fit your needs.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a computing community at UC San Diego. We organize technical workshops, professional events, and social activities year-round, to bring together those who share our love of technology, design, and innovation! Every UC San Diego student, regardless of skill level or background, is welcome to join our game nights, live coding workshops, and interview prep nights, and engage with our ACM Communities to explore various niches of computing.

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

The intense commitment of its members and the value and content of its programs are the primary reason for the NSBE's growth and success. Academic, career and leadership guidance are offered at the chapter, regional and national level of the organization. And everywhere with NSBE abounds a spirit of encouragement, achievement, and support.

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) was founded in Los Angeles, California, in 1974 by a group of engineers employed by the city of Los Angeles. Their objective was to form a national organization of professional engineers to serve as role models in the Hispanic community. The goal of the UCSD SHPE is the development of current and prospective UCSD students in Engineering, Math, and Science, to help achieve educational excellence, professional growth, and to celebrate our cultures and communities.

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

SWE's mission is to nurture a well-rounded engineer via social and leadership activities. To ease the transition from school to work by providing a networking resource. To serve as role models to pre-college and engineering students.

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)

SEDS UCSD is a multi-disciplinary group, motivated to advance the new space movement. We are united by the thought that the next logical step in human civilization is not only to explore, but also to evolve into a space-faring civilization. Guided by our passion and perspectives on the important of space development, our organization has made a several waves in the aerospace field already: we were the first student group to design and 3D-print a rocket engine (Tri-D) and the first undergraduate group to launch a rocket with a 3D-printed engine (Vulcan). In designing, building, testing, and executing projects to advance space technology, SEDS UCSD firmly believes we must continually keep progressing to achieve the eventual colonization of space.

Tau Beta Pi

Tau Beta Pi is the premier engineering honor society in the United States and one of the top three honor societies in the nation. It aspires to be the premier honor society in the nation and to be well known by the college-educated population therein. It will select only those members who demonstrate superior scholarship and who possess exemplary character as evidenced through their personal integrity, breadth of interest, adaptability, and unselfish activity. It will focus on serving its members and society at large with enthusiasm and excellence. The Association will promote excellence in the fields of engineering and engineering education, thus helping to improve the public's perception of the profession.

Tau Beta Pi provides tutoring for engineering students!

Triton Engineering Student Council

The Triton Engineering Student Council, or TESC, exists to promote academic excellence, community involvement, and strong ethical values among the students of the Jacobs School of Engineering. TESC unites the engineering student organizations and sponsors events that benefit all engineering students. TESC works to:

  • Prepare students for, and connect them with, professional opportunities;
  • Coordinate, and collaborate with, engineering student organizations;
  • Create and maintain a vibrant community for engineering students; and
  • Champion engineering and engineers in the school, community, and beyond.