SRIP 2022 Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply to SRIP if I am from a different university?

No, only UCSD ECE students may apply.

Can I apply to SRIP even though I am currently not an ECE student?

No, only ECE students may apply.  

Can PhD students apply for the SRIP program?

No, it is only open to all undergraduate and MS students.

Can a student apply for different projects from different professors at the same time?

Yes, you may apply for any 4 projects.

How many projects can a student apply for at most?

You may apply for up to 4 projects.

Will I be considered as a graduate student researcher and have any tuition deduction?

No but you will receive a summer stipend in the amount of $5,000 that will be paid in two installments.

Is there any other financial support we can get, such as a tuition fee waiver?

Research interns will be able to enroll in 2-4 units of ECE 199/299 in Spring 2022 and will receive a summer stipend in the amount of $5,000, paid in two installments.

This is my first quarter at UCSD, and I haven't received any grades yet, what transcript should I submit?

You can submit your current UCSD transcript since it will show the in-progress classes you’re taking this quarter.

Since this is my first quarter at UCSD, my GPA is 0. Would that negatively affect my application?

No. On the SRIP application, you can also attach a copy of your resume/CV, enter your other qualifications, and mention the courses that you will be taking in the Fall to show your competencies.

I am an undergraduate student, am I required to participate in the Summer Research Conference?

Yes. The UCSD Academic Enrichment Program organizes the Summer Research Conference and the dates are TBD. You will present at the conference in mid-August and then send your slides to our office.

Where can I view the project prerequisites?

By clicking on the faculty name, you would then be able to view their project prerequisites, description, and number of interns they can accommodate.